Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 review: Second time lucky

17 August 2012
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is a tablet like no other but instead of making a big splash it's busy making up for lost time. With its launch pushed back shortly after the unveiling, Samsung's top-of-the-line tablet returns to a market that isn’t...

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  • Maz

Satinathgarfa, 07 Apr 2019Is the battery removable? No

  • Michael Lagos

I power key is not functional. How can I fix it. 2. Do I need to change battery. I have been using the tablet since 2014

  • Satinathgarfa

Is the battery removable?

  • patrick

I like the tab mymdad bought it for me as a present and I love it and he also bought the blutooth keyboard for me

  • Muhammad Hafiz

My n8000's power button is bad. Sometimes the button can go in and not go out,i need a pin or something small (of course it's sharp) to get it out and it scratches the button. Beside that the back of it is always slightly opened and can't be closed,but its obviously not noticeable with a case that i use. Sometimes the screen is touched by itself. To be honest the S voice is horrible. The charger cable is also bad because it keeps breaking,its my 4th charger cable right now. Some metal frames near to the propetary charging port and the s pen turned white!

  • Kumar

Dear sir my Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 almost 5 years working good but suddenly is not working what is the reason please help me sir.
I am waiting for your reply.

  • AnonD-630128

how to open my tab gtn8000 & replace the battery

  • AnonD-614337

I have samsum galaxy note 10.1 witch I use since 9 manth with good condition but Now he have charge problem .he take Charging in 1 hours 5 persent but that time Remove charge Note showing low battery. Kindly Tell What Is Problm.

  • Susant

A great device by Samsung. I have been using N 8000 since four years. Never had a problem with this. Tried some other brands also but nothing can beat this one. Only con is this one is little heavy. But Note 8000 is the best. Good camera,good graphics, good display, good ram Everything is great.

  • mac

Alex, 01 Dec 2012Can somebody please confirm the RAM in the Galaxy note 10.1... moreIts got 2G

  • Anonymous

I'm trying to find away to have the phone in the galaxy note 10.1 turned on.. can some one please help me..

  • AnonD-193914

Dears, I face a strange problem with my Note 10.1 regarding the Driving mode:
- every time I turn on the driving mode, after while it turns off automatically.

When connecting a BT Headset (not samsung) or the normal headset, the caller name and details doesn't transferred to the headset!
Please help.

  • sam

AnonD-137928, 20 Apr 2013Samsung seems to not realize that their Note 10.1 would be ... moreYou can try using chromecast for connecting n8000 to your tv.

  • Bob

Pls can anyone help to explain the major difference between this devise and the smaller note 2, apart from the size. I surely need one of the two. Thanks.

  • AnonD-137928

Samsung seems to not realize that their Note 10.1 would be a prime device that all academic (and other) lecturers would want to use (in place of lugging around their heavy laptops) to present their ppt lectures, making use of the pen function to highlite, annotate and draw while presenting, i.e. like using an expensive and heavy tablet laptop computer. I naively bought the device, expecting to be able to easily connect (as the sales personnel agreed) the Note 10.1 to an LCD projector or the like...but not so. No store seems to have any cable other than the charging cable, and cable sellers have cables to connect from just about anything to everything - except nothing for this damn multifunction port of my Tablet. (As well, why is there no output to HDMI on na TV screen or another computer??). Any one has a solution or idea about this and whether, in fact, there is a source of the necessary cables)?? Thanks! Hans from

  • ntosh

How do I connect usb flash drive to the NG8000 tablet in order to import things like movies or documents from a computer?

  • AnonD-100829

ahah, 22 Aug 2012u spend 500$ in these gadgets, to do what? surf the net, an... moreActually I study medicine and, note taking its not usefull, but If you have drawing skills, and of course if you need to carry a lot of books or consult the last year book you can consult it on the tablet.I have tried with 7 inch tablet and they really are big screen cellphones. But a 10 inch tabletit's a complete reader

  • AnonD-100829

Alex, 01 Dec 2012Can somebody please confirm the RAM in the Galaxy note 10.1... moreYes, it has 2 gb of RAM i got one

  • AnonD-100829

Alex, 01 Dec 2012Can somebody please confirm the RAM in the Galaxy note 10.1... moreYes, it has 2 gb of RAM i got one

  • AnonD-100829

AnonD-252, 23 Aug 2012Very good review! Yes, Note 10.1 is too expensive! The 2 G... moreDude that's a review from Android Authority, and trust me the guy how made didn't try it for 2 hours!...I got a Note 10.1 and it really helps in productivity, probably this reviewer it's just a gamer who wants high resolutions displays. But Im just looking for the logical order. If you buy a device it must help you to do your life easier, not for expend time, that's why technology was made for The facts are:
-The 1280 x 800 display it' because Wacom Technology don't admit higher resolution than this, because the tablet will get laggy
-The Exynos 4412 proccesor it's over Tefra 3 proccesor by saving battery
-The plastic used im the tablet allows too get better wifi and gps signal, don't forget the issue with the gps signal on Asus Tf700