Sony Ericsson K700 review: A winner

10 July 2004
Sony Ericsson top-class products regularly achieve the best score in our mobile chart, which our editorial team compiles on the benchmark basis. Starting with the R520 model, over T68, 7610 and T630, up to the new Sony Ericsson K700: all these mobiles...

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  • 18 Jan 2022

Andreidinutu, 11 Apr 2020meh. a phone i had. not great but i didnt have it in 2004 b... moresame...

    meh. a phone i had. not great but i didnt have it in 2004 but in 2007

      • K
      • Karmic
      • t1$
      • 07 Oct 2012

      My first phone...god I loved this & 7 years on its still rocking. I came to this page just to refreshen good old memories I had with this phone.God I laughed while reading this specially on the memory part.

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        • tonmoy
        • P%%
        • 02 Oct 2009

        sony ericsson k700i is realy a storng handset. but joystick is a big problem.i belive sony ericsson corporation must be solve this problem

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          • zunair ali
          • uZH
          • 15 May 2009

          my hand set is hanging and blooth problem plz solve my problem

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            • Anonymous
            • Ptj
            • 05 Feb 2009

            i fully recomend this phone. ive had it for 3 years and its an excelent device. fast, easy to use. one of sonyericsson´s best creations.

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              • Thilina
              • w98
              • 28 Nov 2008

              K700 is the best 4n i have ever used. maxxa 4n 4 use. try it.

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                • PILKO
                • ptR
                • 30 Mar 2008

                The back cover is not plastic as in the review, it's plastic from inside and aluminium from outside. I have it for 3 years and it's very very good phone. i can store 20+ songs in MP4 format, so i would say that it's enough, and my K700i is modified and it has 42MB :)

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                  • Reeny
                  • Ie}
                  • 21 May 2007

                  This phone is brilliant. i'm 14 and this is my first proper phone (my firsts being Nokia 3310 and 8210)
                  It is so good, and i think it's the best phone you could possibly get. compared to other phones i have used (friends, family, randoms etc.) mine has been by far the best. it has absolutely everything you would ever need (except maybe a card slot and USB, but not many people use them!)
                  anyway, i strongly reccomed this WON'T be dissapointed. I garentee it.
                  IT IS THE BEST!!!
                  (p.s. i have had this phone for almost 3 years now, and the joystick HASN'T stopped working)

                    • B
                    • Bilal
                    • PxK
                    • 08 Feb 2007

                    Its a gr8 phone but has 1 prob....its will stop working after 6-8 months...but over all its gr8

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                      • SOHAIL
                      • PTp
                      • 12 Jul 2006

                      i m using it newly lets see how i find k700i