Sony Xperia Tablet S review: The tablet Xperiance

5 October 2012
You wouldn't call Sony's first foray in tablets a sweeping success. Last year the company released its first two droid slates and, while they were both eccentric enough to get everyone's attention, none of them was really fit to survive in a crowded and...

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  • kirti

I likeso much Sony xperia

  • raj

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2012I am happy with my sg note 10.1Sony the best company in the world ever

  • Prince Pich

It's good....!

  • Anonymous

DAMN GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jean

I have been waiting for this but I was told this would be available early next year. Why that long? There are a lot of options around, I don't think I could wait more.
Sony, as much as I wanted to give the money to you, eventually, my eagerness will die down. It's frustating

  • Anonymous

Sony is really disappointing me this days. In simple english High Defination simply means a picture has a high degree of distinctness in its outline, i.e very clear. This has to do wit d graphics chip and not a disgusting-hollywood sponsored shit of a wide screen (720p ,1080p in 16:9 mode), dat makes me beg 4 xtra space(top n bottom) just to see a good portrait of a newscaster or a presenter.what great madness! Advertisers are deceiving us by using technical language. The i-pad is a high def gadget wit a 4:3 screen, and focusing on d screen will neva strain ur eyes. U dont need to scroll ur eyes left and right untill they roll out of their sockets. Sony should go d 4:3 way if they want to steal d tablet and tv market.

  • AnonD-52006

i'm so getting this... but it's not available here yet.. :(

  • Seed

another fail attempt from Sony just like their Memory Stick!

  • john

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2012This is about getting a COMPLETE product. Dont your cellphone ha... moreso mister Flash Gordon, get yourself a1080 tablet with flash, whats the problem? I like the variety of different tablets, something for everyone depending on their needs. You seem to be a person who wants that there should be only one company, one device, ein reich and so on.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-16102, 07 Oct 2012a tablet is a tablet. the purpose of making this, if for reading... moreThis is about getting a COMPLETE product. Dont your cellphone have a LED flash? Are u seriously willing to give it up?

Do you have a HD phone? Do you seriously want to go back to non HD phone? Thats the thing with tablets, 720p HD is like none-HD on these big displays, for 2013 we really need FULL HD, 1080, for tablets.

Please post back after you bought a cellfone without LED flash and a DSLR. Its so easy to impose restrictions on other people (me), now lets see how you respond to imposing those restrictions on yourself. I dont think you can do it.

I dont want a cellphone without LED flash or less than 720 HD, and i know i am exactly same as you that wayu, no matter how premature you pretend to be in your post. Now for tablet, i dont want less than 1080 full HD, and i want a LED flash.

If you buy a DSLR instead of your cellphone then i will do the same instead of my tablet, but we both know you wil not do that, so please dont impose on me what you dont want for yourself, grow up and admit it.

  • hamidreza

awsome sony best tablet in the world

  • suresh

very best mo ,, and screen is very best

  • Anonymous

Jake, 07 Oct 2012dafaq with led and flash on a tablet . Nexus 7 prove that we do... moreAgreed, nice comment, Sir!

  • Jake

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2012I replied the guy who want to marry Sony, who had no real argume... moredafaq with led and flash on a tablet .
Nexus 7 prove that we don even need a camera .

  • AnonD-16102

a tablet is a tablet. the purpose of making this, if for reading ebooks, playing, watching movies, chatting, sending sms, browsing and for capturing photos.
But we dont need to expect too much to a gadget, of what we really want.

if you want tablet for the purpose of photography, why not buying a DSLR camera instead? it will satisfy your needs. not too much satisfied with the built in TTL flash of the DSLR? try to buy a bigger one.

remember, there doing all of this for their marketing purposes. if not, why they never made a super gadget where everything is there. a tablet that once it hears you are screaming it will automatically call 911?

dont ask for more.. they still need our money..

right now, just be contented of what you have. okey?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2012I replied the guy who want to marry Sony, who had no real argume... moreOh stop whining like some old woman, so go and buy yourself a hd hyper super tablet, there are plenty of them, but please stop whining. galaxy note 10.1 has the same resolution by the way.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2012you are a little bit strange person. take so seriuosly what othe... moreI replied the guy who want to marry Sony, who had no real argument against Asus, other than feelings, he obviously replied just for making excuses for Sonys shortcomings. I want a complete tablet, with HD and LED flash and whatever, Sony is not making it.

Did you see me making excuses for the shortcomings of the Asus?

Welcome to 2013 Sony, you missed by one year once again.

  • Anonymous

just like many other attempted from Sony from Beta vdo recorder, Mini Disc,their first failed Mobile phone before they joint Ericsson, paid off Ericsson and go back to only Sony brand. Now they starting a rather late attempt with Tablet...I hope Sony is not going Kodak path

  • Anonymous

To me the flash is not important due I dont use my tablet for taking pictures of my private parts in dark bedroom;)

  • Anonymous

I am happy with my sg note 10.1