Sony Xperia miro review: You too

18 October 2012
In a world full of phones you wish you could afford, the Sony Xperia miro is one you donít have to wish too hard for. In honesty, Sony didn't work itself too hard, but when you're putting together a portfolio from scratch, you want it built on solid foundations...

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  • sidneylopsides

Price wise, the Miro is £109 here , the U is £179.
The Miro goes head to head with the Galaxy Ace, and comes out on top.
Also, the music controls on the lock screen slide out of the way back to the clock it you want...

  • adonis.warrior

Anonymous, 19 Oct 2012very good phone in lower rangePlease note: this phone Sony is not selling in lower range. 14000 INR ($254) phone will never be lower range phone

  • AnonD-70722

2 days back sony has release an update to Miro. By this update the performance of the phone has increased. Even the earphone and loudspeaker volume increased and has got good clear bass. Lagging has been tremendously reduced... I recommend GSM ARENA to update the review after the software update...

  • Anonymous

Quite nice n smart phone

  • Samfan

The worst android phone I ever had. Would never recommend to anyone.

  • Anonymous

Indian audience dont have any i.c.s options in the mid range phones... samsung has released just 2 phones in the mid range which are a total crap.... sony should cash this season and take the market

  • pux

Really nice "design phones" for the lack of a better name.
It's what I could buy my kid sister or mom. Problem is that these crappy budget phones lower the view of Android too much.
I can see my kid sister going - " the iphone is much better..." and yes it is. But it's also 4 times as expensive which she does not take into account at all.

  • AnonD-3678

Another crapdroid from Sony. Processor, RAM & screen is cheap. What is not cheap is RND & marketing. By adding 20 USD, it can get S4 & 1 GB RAM.

  • Anonymous

very good phone in lower range

  • Anonymous

Sony can't sell their phone much and their future doesn't look good neither. As you can see, not many people reading this review! not many leave comments and review posted long time.

  • Anonymous

... Battery is also bigger in Xperia Miro than U.

  • Anonymous

"The current pricing is slightly in the Desire C's favor"

This is not true -- in the UK you can get the Xperia Miro cheaper at £99. At that price, this is an EXTREMELY good value phone.

" Xperia U is an absolute no-brainer, offering a dual-core CPU, a high-res screen and HD videos for the price of an Xperia miro."

This is not true either. The Xperia U is more expensive at £150, does not have expandable storage and is not as wide so harder to type in portrait. The U has a better hi-res screen though.

  • Anonymous

i dont get it sony have access to the best LCD and best camera sensors.

they sell it to apple, samsung, lg, oppo.
use the noisy, oversharper ones in their phones

  • Anonymous

Sony ericsson live with walkman is really far better, however new sonys will be raleased with the s4 pro chip

  • Anonymous

- AFAIK all Xperia Android phones do not support video call. just skype.

- it's too expensive. in this price range, the competitors have better products with better specs. so i think only sony fans will pay attention to this phone. while the rest of the the people will spent their hard earned money no product with better price/performance.

  • AnonD-71868

Infinity, 19 Oct 2012ok eFiJy what bit of "entry level" phone did u not und... moreLook at the other Sony phones: S, TX, TL, V, T, etc. All have dual core s4 maximum. Why can't they make something a bit more powerful? At this point, you can call Sony a low to mid end phone manufacturer, that's why it can't compete with the big boys. Ok, they have their target audience, but that's it. I think they should have stuck with Ericsson. Their phones were more powerful, maybe lacking design, but not really.

And I am not comparing Sony with Samsung, Samsung are far worse in terms of phones released, I am talking about other companies which should be first choice, given the fact that the consumer knows what't what, and they don't buy only the name.

  • AnonD-43136

Xperia u has the specs but bad software/hardware! Narrow screen as well, poor volume and ics even lags dispite its 1ghz dual core!

  • AnonD-43136

AnonD-71868, 19 Oct 2012Another useless Sony many of these will they release... moresony hasnt released as many useless phones as samsung! Remember in this price range its not about specs, more about looks and sony phones are best lookers unlike cheap sammy tat!

  • Infinity

ok eFiJy what bit of "entry level" phone did u not understand sitting there saying another useless phone from sony, but yet you complain when you cant afford a high end device go sit somewhere. the fact is companies need to have a portfolio of different ranges of device not just high end all day long cos then all you do is complain anyways cos it too expensive please give it a rest. Leave it Yeah

  • Anonymous

With Sony of Japan now in full control of the smartphone business (Ericsson aside), they seem to be using the same successful marketing strategy they use with their computers, cameras, videocams, televisions, and other consumer products--which is to give customers lots of C-H-O-I-C-E-S. It's the same strategy Korean Samsung is employing. These two companies can do it because of their marketing and support muscle from their other products. This is something cellphone-only companies will find difficult to match.