Nokia N80 review: Jack of all trades

17 May 2006
N80, one of the latest Nokia handsets, hit the market about 20 days ago and surely it made some big waves along the way. The phone comes in a place of very high class business phones with bunch of features and extras. It features a very good 3 megapixel camera, a hi-resolution display, a miniSD card slot, a FM radio and all this is backed up by advanced connectivity technologies such as quad-band GSM, 3G UMTS, EDGE, and Wi-Fi.

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  • Anonymous

nokia n80 is the best phone simple in looking but tough operaton.its good phone so it hasnt given me any problem for three years now

  • jack

problem is everyone seems very happy with little !!! point is, the phone is powered by 220mhz arm 9 cpu with 64mb ram ( originaly 42) and runs real slow, trust me guys. at first with shipment softwares that come with n80 runs okie but whn u installed other 3rd party yet very important additional software , the phone become quite unstable to perform and hangs often. they display might look sleek with its higher resulotion but the size is small which is not the standard of a smartphone. after usin over a year its is very common that u will hav to replace its display or the ribbon. trust me it happens. so my advise is, dont buy it, rather buy n73 which is far more stable than n80 with high quality camera. .... or buy the best of the bests N 95

  • Anonymous

Good memories...

  • Brs

I have a N80 IE and I'm really happy with it. WLAN works flawlessly with Linksys router using full WPA2 encryption. Screen is excellent, software is pretty fast.

What I found to be desired is calendar entries for contact's birthdays. Although you set contact's birthday in it's phonebook entry, you have no options to put it into calendar or add alarm to it - you need to make a separate entry in the calendar for the anniversary.

Other than that... no objections thus far.

  • Jibon

I Tried to Buy Nokia N80 ME but didn't find it and finally I Bought Nokia N80 I/E.

  • p v rajan

I had a confusion in deciding the color of the phone.Which looks good (Black or Silver).Plz tell me i planned to buy tmrw.

  • p v rajan

I had a confusion in buying N-70 music edition or N-80.By seeing the reviews,i'm going to buy N-80.

  • Anonymous

Dear ALL, even though the N80 looks great, its performance sux big time,.. my advice to all Nokia lovers is to avoid spending a penny on any "N" series.
Bottom line is you gotta know what you want out of a cell phone, like if you're into a camera with flash, videos, or even a cool GPS satallite navigation program, then your best bet is to consider something like "i-mate", a pocket PC that already absorbs Windows, therefore, any other application won't be hectic for the phone to handle, & ONE of the PC's options is making phone calls. But if you're interested in a reliable phone that doesn't give you many problems, you gotta cut down the extra features as much as possible, I'm selling my N80 & going for the E60. Wish me luck :)

  • firebolt

my friend bought N80 and says that the WiFi of the wlan interferes with the phone reception
so that most of times he can't receive calls
cause phone network is down
anybody know anything about this?
plz any help is appreciated cuz i like this phone very much
if this thing was wrong and the phone is ok then i'll go and buy it if not and the phone suffers from this problem then i'll really feel sorry

  • loay

Hey paul its an easy choice n72 doesnt have a 3g camera and n73 doesnt have wireless connection and n80 has 3g and wireless
take care...bye

  • Paul

Hey guys , i'm having trouble choocing which phone to buy , i've considered n80 , n73 or n72

  • michael

it's wonderful fone and it has all the functions that you would like to have in your fone

  • jack

I like the design of's way too cool...especially the black version.But somehow it's not popular..even the comments left here are less..can i know why?

  • Sucka

Hei, which color is better?Silver or Black?I have a problem choosing one of them.Thx..Need advice..

  • SoFtRocK

Plz what's the problems you can met when using N80 Cuz i want to buy a one, N80 or N91 i'm confused plzzzzzz wanna help

  • SofTRocK

Hi Guys, iwant to buy N91 cuz the 4giga HDD,& the best sound that u ever heared before+wlan,is N80 Much sure in camera 3.Mega.B but i think N91 good in video i like the zoom in N91,wanna know plz who is better in every thing until to buy one of them

  • arash

hi everyone,im having a nokia n70 and im going to replace it by a new n80... the problem im facin' with is my contacts.. i dont know what to do with my over 250 contact list and its details like birthdays,notes,defaults nombers,...etc :( what should i do?!

  • Lea

N80 i advice not to buy it, its really slow especially when it comes to sending texts i have spoke to 3 they say i need to update software what aload of .....! cant wait till i get my upgrade.

  • carol

iv had my n80 for 6 months now, mmm where do i start... at first it was great then it started to slow down then eventually stopped. So i took it to the 3 menders for them to tell me i needed a software upgrade? Waited an hour still not working when i put my memory card in, this phone has been sent off 3 times and STILL DOESNT WORK. does anyone out there having the same problems? Whats the point having a phone with no memory card in it for it to work...

  • khaled shams

dear all

iam confused between N80 and E70 can any one help specially i donot care alot about multimedia as that mush i care about bussiness phone plzzzz help meeeeeeee sooon

khaled shams