HTC Desire X review: Needs and wants

11 November 2012
For one reason or another, the One series failed to live up to their potential in terms of actual sales, so HTC turned back to the time-tested Desire line to fill up the coffers and secure some time to regroup. A new attack on the high-end market takes...

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  • Bamlat

Bluetooth/Wi-fi not functioning

  • AnonD-307728

im using htc desire x, after installation any call recorder , i found that its only recording mic not voice call that means only recording my voice not recording other person voice who im talking with. when i make it voice call , its show it not supporting

  • abee

HTC desire X, indeed a great phone except the cons... No 720p camcorder, no compass sensor, no front facing cam, can't play even 720p HD video on stock player.

  • Tan

I am using htc desire x for the past one and half years and i loved the phone, until now.. the phone always had a heating issue, it gets really warm. please dont do jellybean update if you can, coz its not worth it. phone is fast, i liked it, but today, my phone suddenly got very hot, battery drained out completely and got switched off. now i cannot turn on at all even after charging/doing everything. i found out that this was a common issue with this phone, so my advice is dont buy this phone

  • tan

asha, 01 Sep 2013do screen shot exists for htc desire x??yes of course.. press the power button plus volume down button simultaneously on your preferred screen

  • johny

this is my first smart phone i already had this problem in my phone i cant set other songs as a ring tone i have to reset my phone then it worked but again i got the same problem how can i rectify that problem

  • ak

Heating problem is Der as every1 update after icecream sandwich and crashes with Many apps.

  • Anonymous

Can i buy or not plz reply me

  • ebin

i bough this phone on oct 2012,Even before 1 year i have to get the mobile repaired because of the switch problem.It was not working as expected.And after 1 year and 1 month suddenly one day the phone started heating up and started battery draining in 3 hrs even if fully charged.Then the phone went off and was not able to turn in.I cant even turn on the phone now.So please don't buy this phone if you are looking for long term use.

  • nags

I am already had this mobile so when I am going to get jelly bean updation

  • asha

do screen shot exists for htc desire x??

  • Htc desire X

pradeep, 24 Jun 2013Dont buy this.gets heat,no sec cam, hangs most of d time, screen... moreNo buddy, my htc desire working fine uptill now, got jB update, and also working 5n

  • ashok varma

pradeep, 24 Jun 2013Dont buy this.gets heat,no sec cam, hangs most of d time, screen... moreYes its true, iam also facing these problems,dont buy, heating over phone calls

  • AnonD-36677

will desire x support android 4.2.2, if so what abt the future updates , will it be able to support

  • abhiiii

can i buy aur nt plsss hlppppp.......

  • Dharam

abhie, 21 Dec 2012All gud except heating effect, front camera, nd it does nt suppo... moreJus use "bsnlnet" as APN name nd u will b able to use net over bsnl connection too..

  • pradeep

shalvino.dcosta, 01 May 2013I'm using this phone for over 4 months and I'm quite content wit... moreHow can I use primary cam as video call...?

  • pradeep

Abhi, 20 May 2013Confusd b/w Desire X & Galaxy S Duos..which one to buy?Dont buy this.gets heat,no sec cam, hangs most of d time, screen blur sometime,...I purchased on Dec 25, with in a month my board was changed later software was not not updated properly, finally I got my HTC with some problem....never can b solved

  • Abhi

Confusd b/w Desire X & Galaxy S Duos..which one to buy?

  • sakthi

ritu, 22 Mar 2013plz any one tell me htc desire x is bettr or nt i want buy a new... moreWhile comparing with samsung,htc is the best.