Apple iPad 4 review: Marching on

14 November 2012
Three Apple tablets in a single year. This is more than anyone asked for and yet, by some weird logic - or lack thereof, not too many for Apple to successfully sell. All fine and dandy, unless you got the iPad 3 - better luck next time if you were unfortunate enough to buy it in September...

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  • ripka

How can I get a battery out I pad 4

  • vagtavey

Everything are good but ur service not good

  • Besgreatt

Dave, 14 Nov 2012Eh Apple has apps made for its tablets over 200,000. Androi... morehello

  • AnonD-127229

I have this tablet and it's a fantastic one. I am going to buy the SGS4 as soon as it's released.(iSung fan boy)

  • AnonD-131199

Can any-one tell me, what is the audio chip used in ipad4? Because it is mentioned no where!

  • Quiana

AnonD-46560, 07 Dec 2012You guys are so anti apple... Why so?I can't believe you're not playing with me--that was so hfeplul.

  • Anonymous

finally, i got mine 2 days ago! i sell my old ipad 2, so much happy with ipad 4.

  • AnonD-23576

i have been using this device for 2 months now and till now no complain :) Long live Apple ;)

  • Anonymous

Oh it's the best in almost all of the benchmarks.Poor Samsung.

  • AnonD-6397

AnonD-85359, 04 Dec 2012It's best good graphics and it is best then ipad 3!!!!!!!!!... moreAre you deliberately trying to enrage people with that crap language?

  • stanz

Kush, 09 Dec 2012Dumb Apple! Why do we keep seeing the same thing over the y... moreBig deal.....

  • AnonD-91232

a fabulous device bt still no customization is a drawback..

  • dumb

AnonD-78462, 19 Nov 2012why dont they support pen writing as the samsungsbecoz thye are not samsung!!!

  • AnonD-46560

Battery life of this device is insanely good. Takes 5 hrs to get fully charged which is an improvement, iPad 3rd gen took over 8 hrs.

  • Gautam

It is a great product to use. For first time user it is the best product to use

  • Kush

Dumb Apple! Why do we keep seeing the same thing over the years? Are you aware Samsung galaxy Note 10.1 comes with stylus, and a Universal remote and is Quad Core processor???

  • Cybertico

Since Apple iPad will not leave iTunes for a better user friendly app and stop discriminate a foreign user and force all not US resident to pay extra to buy an iTunes card, by that I mean if I want to buy an iTunes card worth $25, I don't need to pay extra money to get one and Samsung accept any credit card to buy an app and that why they are #1 in costumer time to switch for any other brand than Apple

  • AnonD-46560

You guys are so anti apple... Why so?

  • chenchen45

Ipad 4 have no adobe flash player how we can play the video need flash player like korean site and play farmvile in facebook. This ipad 4 have do many disadvantage.

  • AnonD-85359

It's best good graphics and it is best then ipad 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'