Sony Xperia J review: Junior league

22 November 2012
A trimmed-down version of the Bond phone or a remake of the Xperia Arc, the Sony Xperia J knows looks are important to reasonable spenders, too, and doesn't get carried away with the level of equipment. What it offers...

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  • sayeed

in my phone i can't use facebook lite app after updating facebook lite.
what should i do now

  • Ekuyik Etim

I love this Phone....

  • Kenny

Had my Xperia J for over 2 yrs now. No problems, still going strong. Would buy another Sony.

  • jiemcel

Xperia J d0es'nt w0rk the sd card...h0w can I m0ve s0me of apps in sd card t0 save m0re st0rage fr0m ph0ne and internal???

  • indi

I am using a sony xperia j. I love this phone..

  • ching

usop, 08 Oct 2013Problems with the sd card. I have to use the internal an... morei also have this problem....pls help

  • hi

xperia j:it has sdcard problem...pls help me to solve the problem

  • ems

guys pls help me i have an xj but the problem i click the phone reset...pls help me.. no more enternet..cant log signal of my conection.

  • Pushpendra

dwij oza, 07 Jul 2013Did it play full hd video Ans fast friendsDownload mx player, for play hd video.

  • baj

Anonymous, 10 May 2013Its True i experiance Sound Lag If I Browsing,Go to another... moreGet another music player and browser from play store

  • usop

Problems with the sd card.

I have to use the internal and phone memories

  • ray

AnonD-185459, 13 Sep 2013Dear Friend, i didn't expect a high performance d... morei dont know what you saying about the lag in images but one thing for sure it was smooth in image especially running on jellybean.everything else are fine just little lags on some the way my xperia j runs with 11.2.A.0.31 jellybean and it works fine.fact.

  • AnonD-185459

Dear Friend, i didn't expect a high performance doesn't even display the photos smoothly.hanging when i m opening the image is my this website itself it's written those things as product review..'noticable lag'..but i never expected this much lag..i am not an smartphone expert..but this performance is not at all acceptable at any cost..

  • ray

AnonD-185459, 12 Sep 2013Absolutely waste of money...don't try this's perf... morehey its good enough for a phone if you dont have TOO SKY HIGH expectation and preference.

  • AnonD-185459

Absolutely waste of money...don't try this's performance is poor..always get stucks in between..not enough RAM..battery is ok ,but performance is an important factor

  • ray

successfully updated to 11.2.A.0.31 jellybean. its smoother than ever=)

  • Dhruv

ema, 16 Jul 2013After use this phone,sometime network is gone.. I'm using c... moreFacing same problem using Vodafone India.
Think its technical problem of phone.

  • ema

After use this phone,sometime network is gone.. I'm using celcom (Malaysia)

  • black eagle

Danielle, 02 Dec 2012bought it for 11 thousand Pesos here in the Philippines and... moreBuy an iPhone lol

  • black eagle

borventure, 02 Apr 2013now I cant even locate the loud speaker on my Sony Xperia J... moreAre you a paid troll by Samsung or a fanboy? I own this device and can deliver what is expected though with noticeable lag. Walkman sound quality is very good even without headset. You're saying that you cannot install whatsapp but it comes preinstalled.