Google Nexus 4 review: Royal road

07 December 2012
It's the next-generation Nexus and this time LG has the privilege. And when Google goes "My pleasure!", they most likely mean it. The Nexus 4 aggressively undercuts competitors' pricing as it sets out to wipe the floor with most of them in terms of speed and...

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  • Anonymous

rekan, 08 May 2014How I can take screen photo???Press power button and volume down button in the same time

  • AnonD-403739

The volume of my ringtone is diminishing down to zero sound. Can anybody advise the likely cause and cure?

  • add

should i buy this phone

  • andrew

davi , 19 Sep 2014hi davin from Malaysia.maybe its my 1st comment f... moreThank you !
Really helpful !

  • davi

hi davin from Malaysia.maybe its my 1st comment for Nexus4 in 2014.i've using Nexus4 8gb since June last year,bought it for RM1150..some get very frustrated about this phone,but not for execellent since the 1st day i use it..i hav 4 phones.Asus Zenfone5,Lenovo P series,Nexus4 and lastly my very 1st smartphone Sony Xperia Play.Nexus4 always with me all the time,now running on 4.4.4(Kit Kat),at the same time i've rooted and install custom rom for my Nexus(thanks to DarkEager from XDAdeveloper for helping and guide me to root my nexus).before and after root,never crash though.forget about the others.i just want to share about Nexus4 good and bad experience.ok...
-i hav plenty of songs(128k&312k)which is 173 songs
-FullHd video,which its only a trailer movie(7 of them)some recording,DL
-photo album nearly 300(DL,bluetooth,camera,etc)
-for games i only play ClashOfClans,Drag Racing,Deer Hunter
-internet browsing,most of the time Facebooking,surf google.
-apps,flashlights,Android Assistant,tube mate
*i know 8gb nowadays its like rather no need that 8gb.but for me its not a big problem as long as we fully utilise it.
for battery usage,15k Mah power bank is always with me all the time,no problem too..
about camera,i admit its not the best but Nexus4 can surely beat mid-end phone for close object.i've compare with S3,Grand Quattro,& some other brand that have equivalent MP.for larger view,50-50..but good contrast and ISO on good weather.for video recording,not much different but its stereo output is just simply not much for camera on phones coz i already have Leica camera.
scren resolution...
most of u know that Nexus4 comes with HD IPS Plus.for samsung,lenovo,htc,xiaomi,sony,with HD IPS plus resolution,how much it will be?recently i DL the expandables 3 movie trailer,which is 1920x720 MP4 and my purpose is to compare with my Note 3 which is own by my workmate.(not the camera recording.note 3 running on 4k display,none of camera business)
as the result,for noise reduction
Nexus4 is around 10-20%
Note3 is around 35%
why that?do more on research..note3 only focus on its CAMERA 4K RECORDING(for DL video,works poor for resolution),touch gesture,app UI for more convenience.of course we cant compare 4K recording with nexus cheap phone and nexus screen capability works great under sunlightšŸ˜
touch and slide...
works very smooth,so far until now,sliding screen lagging percentage is at minimum lvl(can say about 3%)
well,this is my favourite part.Performance..
i've tried to test this phone playing games,musics,surfing,hot spot,bluetooth,non stop for straight 9days without switching if off.honestly,totally no sign of lag.not even force-close apps.some says im lying but practically done by myself,its the fact.that time its like this phone is trolling on me and i just dont believe at the 1st place.
i work at electrical shop as sales executive.its been a moment since all brand new LED comes with built-in miracast(its like mirrorring function)and smart tv as well and its my job to show and demo to customers on new miracast is taking over market trend(not sure for other country). im using my nexus for miracast demonstration.(DL apps from,search wifi helper)..the question is,what and where is nexus weakness?the time i connect through miracast,no lag at all but works very smooth and perfect.screen respons from phone to tv,shows no delay.its like u're scrolling the tv,not the customer using sony Z where ppl claim that its a very perfect phone,getting some problem connecting to miracast for 1st connection.connected for the 4th time but force-close after 2minutes.then reconnect and success.but he fell dissapointed bcoz his sony Z got delay,espescially when slide screen.lag and delay and feedback between phone and tv around 2-4seconds slow.even my lenovo P series no match with nexus.what more to say samsung?many ppl complains about battery life,storage and major problems or solvable issue.but how many ppl really do practical like me?i mean waste nearly 10hours connect to bluetooth,whole day hang on miracast,hot spot for 4 pairs at once for nearly 5 hours,and all those like-heavy first i feel like im gonna broke my nexus..but now no worries bcoz i've been use it for 15months and i dont doubt for its performance.i know other phone outside there way too better from my nexus but this phone is still the best for me..some says this phone getting rare or not sure but as far i know,only 13 of them using this in my hometown.some offer me this phone for good $$$ but i dont feel like want to sell thinking of buying LG G3,but no stock.anyway...we reach the end more time,im not complaining,im just sharing
my offense..thanks for those who read my comment,thanks for those who will reply on me and thanks to my nexus doing perfect on demonstration and bcoz of it,i'd sell sharp 70" 4K Quattron Pro Led.
im just sharing though..TQVM

  • rekan

How I can take screen photo???

  • mody

hi i want to get nexus 4 but a friend tell me not to he said its material isnot good
pls help me?
what shall i do?

  • Petter

This phone is very good and this performance is perfect
I'm very happy with this phone and design is beaultiful
i recomend this phone because your fast performance and design.

  • AnonD-237950

Should I buy nexus 4 or moto g??

  • SP

Nexus 4 is a very nice phone.., No need to worry aabout anything touch is good and every thing is good..!!!
The only lagging feature is battery Back up

  • best phone

Samsung lags in front of nexus 4. Nexus 4 is Very good phone this phone is very fast and smooth no lags at all.

  • F3rCh0

convinced and buy nexus 16gb on amazon! thanks gsmarena

  • sumon

How I can vedio call in nexus 4 ?

  • jay

In nexus 4 u cant remove your battery phone battery and hdd is too low.. Only 16gb.. You cant share apk. Files...

Anyway its so fast... Sexxy... Allover good without those reasons


Hi, pertaining to the battery life about the LG nexus 4.. I have coming across negative comments which is holding me back to purchase this device which I'm craving for desperately.. As for now I'm using a Lumia 920. And I don't need to worry bout the battery.. Ever... Superb battery back up with 3g active ..
can some one pls guide me with this issue...

  • Anonymous

Should I wait for next nexus or buy nexus 4??

  • Anonymous

Industry Insider, 17 Dec 2012Why cant GSM arena wall trolls all just get along. This is ... moreLook at the ratings and options on every phone I phones trendy and everything's .99 why buy a iPhone when straight out the box it needs jail broken to compare to a android and plug it to a computer all the time every time a iPhone comes out what's new about it lol I get ota updates and sync my info with servers iphones are trendy lack function and android is the future

  • AnonD-170146

It seems like a great phone, but I really can't stand Google's choice to not give the possibility of extending the memory. 16 GBs are like nothing, and I know what I'm talking about 'cause I had a Nexus S. I mean, that will cost at most 10$ for them (but I think really, really less) and it's something essential for us, Music listeners and multimedia/power users. I know why they do that, because they want to keep us on using their online services for even the smallest things.... Well, I have'nt got 20 TB of 3G traffic at month on my mobile, and it "seems" like I can't stream the apps, but I have to freaking DOWNLOAD them, so having such a limited memory becomes a really frustrating thing. I would buy it even at more if it only had a microSD slot but with this GREAT limitation I absolutely don't.

(By the way... 8 GB version? O_O Really???? Ahahahahahah! Google, you are really funny! =,D)

  • shashank kale

Awesome phone amazingly fast

  • Tridib

Have been using the nexus 4 in India since March 2013 bought it from the America. It is an amazing mobile super smooth, smart, never stalls has a good battery back up on an avg abt 14 hrs with regular internet use on 3g network. On only WiFi lasts lasts abt 20 hrs with calls. The camera is good, far better than that of the galaxy S3, the flash is effective but, low light imaging is grainy. The screen is full HD very clear and the colours are more real than on most Super AMOLED screens
Am very happy and satisfied with the Nexus 4
Dr Tridib Goswami