Google Nexus 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S III: Fan favorites

21 December 2012
Android devices come from all walks of life, but in each generation there is a "chosen one". In 2012, it's the Nexus 4 and, as an overall package, this is probably the best Google has ever delivered. Yet, by a mean twist of fate, it has the most formidable...

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so wchich screen is better if ips rgb over samsung s3 screen and then super amoled over nexus4? LOL

  • VJ

Nexus 4 is the best android phone ever.

  • AnonD-72356

AnonD-21478, 22 Dec 2012How does it beat them all? Can you enlighten me on it or is... moreoh please how can you count lumia 920 in the race of best smartphone,windows phone 8 is a great failure and so the new lumia is,it doesnt have anything in compare to S3,PLEASE DO SOME RESEARCH AND CHECK OUT BOTH THE PHONES,

  • Zoccat

I've tested both, S3 and N4. I much prefer the purist Android only approach from Google, with minimal added vendor bloatware. with a similar config, N4 has 1.5 GB free Ram vs. S3 150 Mb free Ram. N4 is the better choice for power and performance oriented experienced users. with a rooted phone and a couple of tools such as Nova launcher, SetCPU, Power Toggles, Bataria, you can get a better UI and much longer battery endurance.

  • AnonD-92239

What's frustrating to me is seeing "Nexus" and not knowing which one is being talked about without a lot of reading. Still, thorough review and I'm torn between these two. I'm on AT&T and 4GLTE and it’s often a toss-up since it seems to have a wide selection. I have a graphics design firm in New York and my smartphone is becoming like a third arm since the data speeds are so good.

  • The Warmonger

AnonD-21478, 22 Dec 2012How does it beat them all? Can you enlighten me on it or is... morewe understand you and we feel you and we are really sorry for your Lumina 920 WP8 phone it is really disappointing. almost no games no apps and entirely no elegance and no class. make a christmas wish to your manufacturer to make it better.

  • Steve J

AnonD-21478, 22 Dec 2012How does it beat them all? Can you enlighten me on it or is... moreNokia uses windows phone... which is the same windows phone everyone uses. They are aloud to have an app store and thats it.

The S3 is hands down the best this year considering it was released not so long ago. Its highly optimized version of android it hands down the best android offering to date (feature wise).

I like the lumia but it is not in the same league. The camera is good, the screen tech they used was good and the their maps offering is good. Though in my opinion not great.

People just cant let nokia go. They were the top dog but not anymore. I do hope they can come back. Though putting a decent camera in a phone doesn't make it great. If you want a good camera phone. Get a galaxy camera :P there's a good camera in a phone.

  • mrmjv

Denzo, 21 Dec 2012Without even reading this... SGS3 wins and I hate Samsung.I have both and the nexus 4 is a far better user experience!!!

  • AnonD-73252

Anonymouse, 21 Dec 2012Yet from Optimus G vs SGS3 head to head one could conclude ... moreThe Optimus G does seem to have the leg up on the Nexus 4. It benchmarks better (Up to 21500 on Antutu and 2250 on Geekbenchh and better sun spider scores as well). Battery life appears to be better as well. The AT&T OG even has an SD slot.

People love stock Android. But LGs new skin is VERY light and has every customization you could think of from multiple home screen transition animations to folders in the app tray and adjustable quick toggles that you can reorder to your liking.

Very impressed by the new LG UI

  • Anonymous

LG Optimus G (LG software) VS Nexus 4 (Google Stock software)

Both have same SoC (CPU and CPU), hardware generell.

The funny thing is that Optimus G outperforms Nexus 4 in benchmarks.

Who said that LG makes bad software?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-21478, 22 Dec 2012How does it beat them all? Can you enlighten me on it or is... moreWhat feats does L920 have? Similar to all WP8, it has barely any features at all compared to android. Does it have Smart Stay for example? Features is exactly whats missing from the 920 and you manage to reverse it out of pure fanboyism.


Excellent reading. Just goes to show, chips are getting cheaper and therefore performance, but the rest of the service, like camera module, you still have to pay for. The complete stand alone device is still the more expensive. You can't cut corners.

  • Noel Carson

AnonD-88908, 22 Dec 2012I wonder why/how did Nexus4 won at the screen overall score ???The pentile matrix on the Samsung phone in itself is a let down against any RGB display

  • Anonymous

AnonD-82219, 22 Dec 2012I agree with you,touchwiz 5 is pretty good but previous ver... moreI see, thanks for clearing that up for me!

Anonymous, 22 Dec 2012It runs smoother for a few hours, after that it does not ru... moreas some ppl already mentioned it is really likely due to the different browsers. u can improve browsing time by choosing a battery friendly browser from play store/xda

AnonD-21478, 22 Dec 2012How does it beat them all? Can you enlighten me on it or is... morei agree with u even though i prefer android over wp8. sammy had software innovation, (smartstay, directcall, etc) while lumia had hardware (camera, screen)

  • AnonD-82219

Anonymous, 22 Dec 2012I cant understand the hate for touchwiz.. IMO its sooo m... moreI agree with you,touchwiz 5 is pretty good but previous versions sucked so everyone got the idea that it sucks.

u forgot to mention (or i didnt noticed it?) another big win for the nexus: developer support. sammy makes life of the developers really hard by keeping exynos sources to themselves to the point that CyanogenMod considers dropping support for samsung phones(exynos especially). Nexus phones have the most dev support anyway. That means faster and lot more stable unoffical roms and kernels, which u will look into if u wanna use your phone to the fullest. i have an s2 and that single thing would make me go for the nexus even though i know its flaws. no way i would buy another sammy phone..

  • Irisviel von Einzber

At the end, it depend on price.

If I can get Nexus 4 cheaper than SGS 3 in my country, I'll buy Nexus 4 right away. No second thought.

Other than that, SGS 3 wins.

  • AnonD-88908

AnonD-77443, 21 Dec 2012Good article by gsmarena... Good to see them putting winne... moreThx I as wondering about that to0o...