Google Nexus 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S III: Fan favorites

21 December 2012
Android devices come from all walks of life, but in each generation there is a "chosen one". In 2012, it's the Nexus 4 and, as an overall package, this is probably the best Google has ever delivered. Yet, by a mean twist of fate, it has the most formidable...

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  • AnonD-77443

I havent finished reading the article yet but have 1 comment.
Gsmarena says that stock android is better... I owned the nexus 10 for a while and have the note 2 as well and the Samsung os is all over the stock google os. There are a lot of extra options and features in the Samsung version of the software. . That said... I can't stand touch wizz so normally run go launcher.

  • AnonD-91841

It IS cheaper than S III, like $300 cheaper

  • AnonD-73252

AnonD-77793, 21 Dec 2012I would like LG more if they weren't so utterly horrible at... moreTo tell you the truth an upgrade to Jelly Bean for the Optimus G wouldnt really do a whole heck of alot. It already has resizeable widgets and sure as hell doesnt need project butter with the S4 Pro under the hood. The only thing it would give you is Google Now; if thats your thing.

If youre into Dev support and rooting though the Nexus is the obvious choice.

Im with you on the task switcher button though. I really prefer it to the settings button.

  • AnonD-77793

AnonD-73252, 21 Dec 2012The Optimus G does seem to have the leg up on the Nexus 4. ... moreI would like LG more if they weren't so utterly horrible at updates...and they aren't very dev friendly either...that's the singular reason why I never considered an LG phone before the nexus

  • AnonD-77793

You know, for me personally, not having a dedicated task switcher button kills it.

The task switcher button is probably the one i use the most. Having to press and hold home for that is a complete deal breaker for me.

Maybe I'm odd that way...but that's the one thing that kills all samsung devices for me

  • Ryan

I am posting this from my S3. I love this phone! Hell yes. Its an awesome high end device.

  • AnonD-73252

Anonymouse, 21 Dec 2012Yet from Optimus G vs SGS3 head to head one could conclude ... moreThe Optimus G does seem to have the leg up on the Nexus 4. It benchmarks better (Up to 21500 on Antutu and 2250 on Geekbenchh and better sun spider scores as well). Battery life appears to be better as well. The AT&T OG even has an SD slot.

People love stock Android. But LGs new skin is VERY light and has every customization you could think of from multiple home screen transition animations to folders in the app tray and adjustable quick toggles that you can reorder to your liking.

Very impressed by the new LG UI

  • Anonymouse

Anonymouse, 21 Dec 2012Yet from Optimus G vs SGS3 head to head one could conclude ... moreLast word was supposed to be flagship, although flapship have nice ring to it.

  • Anonymouse

Yet from Optimus G vs SGS3 head to head one could conclude that OG is the winner. I really wonder did LG intentionally screw Nexus 4 for the sake of their real flapship.

  • AnonD-79821

lolz, i like the last sentence.... ^_^

  • Anonymouse

peter, 21 Dec 2012Samsung software is BROKEN. They broke kernel (remember exy... moreLOL. U mad bro!

  • s3user

TMB, 21 Dec 2012If we base it on design then the Nexus 4 wins hands down no... moreUgly is relative. The s3 is one of the best looking phones out there bar none. Haters may say what they want but global sales of the s3 won't lie. Enough said.

  • Dave

The Nexus 4 would be a good choice if they had a 32 or 64 GB version but they dont.

  • Anonymous

S3 for me. My mate has the nexus 4 uk. Got it £280 16gb. So i used it. Expandable storage is important for me. advice if on contract get s3 and offline get nexus 4. Both good phones

  • TMB

If we base it on design then the Nexus 4 wins hands down no matter what anyone says. S3 design is utter crap. I've seen my friends use the S3 and feel the design looks awkward and so crappy :P

  • Anonymous

Its S3 for me, mainly because of storage, battery and Smart Stay. I hate Pentile (had a Nokia N9, ohhh so bad display, small fonts really get Downs syndrom on pentile displays) and 1GB RAM is not enough, but i can live with that. OTOH, the disadvantages of the Nexus 4 are not to live with, terrible camera, battery life is pathetic, and the storage is a joke.

And lastly, lucky for me Im a Note II owner and dont have to choose between these two upper midrange phones =)

  • peter

Samsung software is BROKEN. They broke kernel (remember exynos problems?), they broke original Android User Experience. They put there many services working - and you don't know what they are really doing. Maybe they are sending your private data somewhere when you are sleeping?

I'm using Samsung Chat B5330 now, because I did not have enough money for something better. But one must learn from his mistakes.

Here is my opinion: phone does not allow to use original Google Calendar, because of settings and notifications collisions. Also, samsung's calendar has very stupid time zones notification bugs, which make this calendar unusable.

All of this is repeating on each samsung phone I have seen. You can't uninstall none of the broken samsung app. You can't uninstall unused samsung services which are eating up your battery.

And most of all stupid bugs: if your battery reaches 100% when charging, usb disconnects from your computer. I can't develop software with this f** phone!

Modified Android IS EVIL. Beware. Don't be stupid. Don't be tempted by camera, glass, ads or whatever. Believe me, the most important thing in phone is it's OS. It is used non-stop, you are watching it, you are using it day by day. It must be stable, well designed, without traps.

Samsung's modified Android IS NOT. It is trojan horse full of traps.

I lost my hope, that samsung is going to make finally a good OS. It is not possible, because their target is to make money. And you CAN'T sell devices if you create perfect one. You must give hope, but not satisfaction. This lesson samsung is doing very well.

Android in Nexus 4 is pure, open and safe. You get updates as fast as possible. You can report bugs to Android and have fixes. You have working, best open OS available.

I'm collecting money for Nexus 4. And will crash this f** ch@t samsung's phone with heavy hammer.

  • AnonD-55345

SGS3 all the way. Number 1 without any doubt.

  • AnonD-18125

Denzo, 21 Dec 2012Without even reading this... SGS3 wins and I hate Samsung.hahaha... lol

  • AnonD-48675

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