Sony Xperia E dual review: Something extra

11 February 2013
In 2012, Sony decided to alter its smartphone strategy and launched numerous affordable entry level smartphones, aiming to bring solid Android at prices close to those of some featurephones. It seems the move paid off handsomely, as the company is continuing the push at the start of this year...

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  • praveen
  • Hkr
  • 05 Apr 2013

JS, 23 Feb 2013This or xperia U??Xperia E is better than u...dual sim..micro sd card in E

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    • AnonD-110444
    • nCB
    • 02 Apr 2013

    Primark, 12 Feb 2013what's wrong with the design? This is suppose to be entry l... moredesire c has a better design+compact,so is lumia 520 design.

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      • har777
      • utV
      • 28 Mar 2013

      You get a Nokia Lumia 520 at the same price with an IPS 4 inch display and a dual core processor !!

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        • sk
        • YTL
        • 28 Feb 2013

        hey guys i contacted sony support centre they r sayng there is no fixed date when its coming to india :-(

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          • JS
          • nyV
          • 23 Feb 2013

          This or xperia U??

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            • Fade.
            • S2e
            • 18 Feb 2013

            AnonD-80440, 11 Feb 2013sh***y battery and the weakest banchmarks..dont need sony!!Shitty battery and weak benchmarks? Dude it is an entry level phone. In fact these are the best benchmarksover all I have seen in any entry level phone. In bechmarks it comes very close to dual-core phones and quite close to quad-core A9 phones too. The battery is also one of the best in entry level. Remember also that this model has ICS, but the single sim version Xperia E has JB. So go play with your Quad-core Krait phone and don´t bash on a entry level phone that beats about all other entry level phones.

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              • AnonD-112698
              • X0T
              • 14 Feb 2013

              Dual Standby? You're a bit too late Japan, the market has already advanced to Dual Active with Galaxy Grand and Micromax Canvas HD.

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                • no matter
                • 0xy
                • 13 Feb 2013

                This is actually great looking phone, and the size is right. But the specs... oh man...

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                  • Anonymous
                  • tA$
                  • 13 Feb 2013

                  if you're looking for dual-SIM android phones, you might want to consider Lenovo phones.
                  Lenovo offers many dual-SIM Android phones that have good price/performance...

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                    • AnonD-112158
                    • w4Y
                    • 12 Feb 2013

                    hi Release date....

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                      • Primark
                      • vpc
                      • 12 Feb 2013

                      what's wrong with the design? This is suppose to be entry level by the way, in fact this is much better than most entry level phones in terms of "design", it would be actually easier to name a lot of phones that loses to it in terms of design than to name a lot of phones that wins against it...

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                        • Anonymous
                        • m7K
                        • 12 Feb 2013

                        I have to agree on the design though. This is not great but at least Sony is consistent in not recycling old designs. Much better than the fruit dealer design from 2007.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • m7K
                          • 12 Feb 2013

                          I'm happy to see Sony fixed the performance on their Cortex A5 models. On ics even. Hope they will issue an ics performance fix for Tipo and the others, would be good for their reputation.

                          The adreno 200 Enhanced is Ok on 320x480, keep in mind that this is 2.7x less pixels than 800x480, no stress for the gpu then. I tried Tipo and found it to have a very good graphics performance, better than Galaxy Tab 2 that has a much more powerful gpu but 1280x800 resolution, that's 6.6667x more pixels to handle! Of course the xperia E wins this battle.

                            • j
                            • jojimat
                            • utU
                            • 12 Feb 2013

                            why Sony still release new handset with very old Cortex-A5 CPU & Adreno 200 GPU . :(

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                              • AnonD-82756
                              • nGM
                              • 12 Feb 2013

                              Bloody horrible looking thing why is it Sony make disgusting looking phones, I am yet to see a Sony I actually like at least the Sony Ericsson partnership made good designs.

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                                • Synonymous
                                • v0q
                                • 12 Feb 2013

                                Jack, 12 Feb 2013Whilst I have always like Sony products, no one should buy ... moreI disagree. There are people who wanted to try android environment and it would be practical to buy an entry level device first, before going to flagship devices. If they'll like the Android OS or not, then its up to them if they'll buy a flagship one or go back to there preferred OS. Its wiser to buy an entry level device (especially with JB OS) if you're not familiar to what you're using.

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                                  • AnonD-66139
                                  • YTL
                                  • 12 Feb 2013

                                  AnonD-81738, 12 Feb 2013Nokia N8 anyone?? Xperia design's have been going down hill... moreyeah design is quite similar but specs are worst .

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 3C9
                                    • 12 Feb 2013

                                    lmfao, way does this phone look like my sanyo Shaver. wat a fail in design from sony! lol

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                                      • AnonD-58865
                                      • U$k
                                      • 12 Feb 2013

                                      Im waiting for review on Xperia E...

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                                        • MisterCats
                                        • j8L
                                        • 12 Feb 2013

                                        AnonD-81738, 12 Feb 2013Nokia N8 anyone?? Xperia design's have been going down hill... moreAnd that, friends is called an opinion.

                                        Passing it off as fact makes it no less an opinion, so it is best to avoid trying to speak for everyone.