Virtual personal assistant shootout: Talk the talk

12 February 2013
What can I help you with? Hope your day is going well. Itís a start. But itíll take time for the likes of Siri and Google Now to live up to the Intelligent Personal Assistant title. Surprisingly, intelligent isnít too far off for software thatís context and location aware, does speech recognition...

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  • joanna jackson

I totally agree. Thereís only so much you can accomplish by yourself without feeling overworked or pressured. If you are a busy professional, and need a virtual assistant then check out

  • Graz

I uninstalled S voice or whatever it was called from my S3. Just pretty useless really.

  • simonh

google now is awesome its amazing how well they made it so good after siri came out and goole now has bested siri in no time...

  • sandy

I wanna qwerty keyboard and touchscreen with andriod 4.1 and 8mp rear led flash &2mp front cam, 2100 mAbattery and dual sim,3G, wifi, bluetooth v4.0, usb port 3.0, NFC, multi task, preloaded Superfast browser,

  • Tom Chan

i prefer jarvis from ironman

  • Anonymous

i prefer xiaomi2 Virtual personal assistant

  • lolza

Denzo, 13 Feb 2013I wish I could post a photo here, but on my iPhone when I asked ... morewell actually it's not true. You'd have to have a refference frame that ignores the ground on which the road rests for it to be true. If the frame of refference includes at least a third object besides the road and chicken, then we'd see that it's the chicken that's moving.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-112528, 13 Feb 2013Really? You really want a more human interaction with your PDA?... moreWhy? Must it be either one or the other?

Can I just say that before Siri came along, Samsung and Google had substandard voice assistants.

As soon as Siri was wowing people, they both started work on updated new apps.


IM USING CYMAN. Its in my opinion way better than this other services SIRI or Google.

With CYMAN i can just download a new spech sintessys and change the VOICE TONE A PITCH. And how fast it talks.

  • manu

, I think speak to it is the best because it can understand indian accent

  • AnonD-112528

AnonD-46560, 13 Feb 2013"You make me smile, thank you. We are sure that complime... moreReally? You really want a more human interaction with your PDA?
How about you talk to a person?
When I use a VPA, I expect it to perform the task I request quickly and accurately, with as little annoying chatter as possible.

  • AnonD-46560

"You make me smile, thank you.

We are sure that complimenting Google
Now made it blush, but it didn't return
us any assistant-like response. Instead,
it placed a search."

This is where siri shines.

  • AnonD-46560

google now is undoubtedly faster but it takes u to the google search page too much. And siri sounds more real, it kind of replies u back, most of the times witty replies which anyone would like. After all most of the users would use personal voice assistant for fun (like i and my friends do). So siri's humor is way better. Thumbs up SIRI.

I use Samsung galaxy s3 (with jellybean 4.1.2), so i can use them both (S-Voice and Google now).and what i can say is, that Google now is great!, because it is ultra fast! (The fastest of all), so obviously i like it a lot (and so compliments to Google!),but on the device it's self (device tasks overall), the S-Voice works a lot more better!, so obviously i really hope!, that Samsung (and Vlingo), will improve it a lot lot more! (In any aspect!), with the introduction of the Samsung galaxy S4!!!.and because okay i know that in the future of technology there's a lot of things that must be improved and introduced (innovations), because every single thing is important! (And there is really a lot!), and all will make our life's more easy!, (so okay i know).but to mention just one, i really believe that the voice assistant is really the future of all technology!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AnonD-86903

wow, i see xperia Z is smiling for the camera. glad to meet you SXZ. you'll be mine soon :D

  • Anonymous

Siri doesn't know Dream Theater coz iPhones are made for hipsters.

  • Anonymous

ANKUSH- Why diD chickens crossed the road.

SIRI- i swear i didn't told them to do so.

  • AnonD-108018

"Siri is the closest to having a personality"

This sentence just reminds me of the episode of The Big Bang Theory, where Raj pretty much turns Siri into his girlfriend.

Conclusion: if you are alone on valentines day - have voice s*x with Siri hahaha!

  • guy with guts

Well see the intro there is a Sony phone showing it the xperia z.

  • Zorril

I like how with Speaktoit, you can make the girl look sexy! Lol.