Qtek S200 review: A genuine tool box

06 June 2006
Qtek S100 (HTC Magician) has finally found its appropriate successor. Qtek S200 (HTC Prophet) offers a new OS, EDGE and Wi-Fi support, and a top-class display. Are you dreaming of a versatile communicator no bigger than a common smart phone?

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  • Arunakumar

I want this mobile batteries where can i getting.

  • Arunakumar

I want this mobile batteries where can i getting.

  • Anonymous

why online video is not saported in my mob..... plzzzzzz...... slv my prb

  • Richard

WRT the person who couldn't reload their QTEK after a year and changing the battery didn't help, I have just had exactly the same problem. In fact the problem only happened when using the USB cable to reload. After using the charger once the problem was solved. Now even using the USB cable works again.

Otherwise, I agree with most of the comments on this page. A very good handheld but not the best phone. The sound is too low and not the best quality, though it's much better when using the earphones.

  • catav

What is the biggest SD card capacity supported by Qtek S200?

  • Anonymous

My husband got his S200 a little over a year ago and he loved it so much. One day it was dead, it won't charge, turn on or do anything. He bought a new battery thinking the old one was all used up but to no avail. Does anyone have any idea on how to remedy this problem. He has/had a lot of important information on the phone and now cannot even turn it on to remove/retrieve this information. Any help would be so appreciated!

  • IonBug


I have s200 from september2006.
Is a good phone and pda.
For a beginner is a more than enough. Is superb. You may read documents, navigate on internet and a lot of other things.

My next pocket will have a more powerfull CPU and radio-tv. If Qtek will made a succesor of S200 I will buy it.

  • Ri9chard de Lange

Are there assesories available?
Please advice.

  • Parth

Hey I love this device too but just for all of you who are skype users, I am very disappointed with this device for its inability to work with skype for voice calls. The problem is that whenever i want to make a voice call, the software puts my call on loudspeaker so no privacy. PLus it lags a lot!! And that made me dislike my device because i bought it juss for skype.. oh well.. other features are pretty decent for its price..

  • Anonymous

Hi, I've just get the S200 coming from the s100 and I must confess that I'm a little disapointed!!!!!!!!!
Could anyone inform me about where can I download a letter recognizer software and how to choose more then one person at the time from the contacts list when sending a sms?
Thanks in advance

  • Rintu

The phone is superb.But I would be greatful if you could let me know how to incease the ring volume.

  • Olivier

Your review is amazing.

  • mobileguru

Kindly let me know if we can send group messages by this incredible device. It is the only problem I am having with JAm In, otherwise it is a lovely device.

  • Miroslav

I can't decide between Qtek and i-mate.Help me please!!!!!

  • Fil

Nice review! Got mine a few days ago, comments:
- Very good screen
- Very good size
- Contrary to other comments S200 plastics are good. I got the chance to compare with 9100 plastics, and they seam less robust than S200.
- battery goes a little faster than I expected but its to soon since I'm going thru learning days, so it is not normal usage (currently lasts 3 to 3,5 days). A note here: if the original 1200mA is not enough I read somewhere of a 2400mA battery!
- Very good photos on daylight. Not so good for night shooting (blurred at low light) since there is no flash or led. Not a big problem, since night shooting with this devices is usually a challenge...
- Front buttons could be bigger and/or better distributed (spaced) from centre round button. Sometimes it happens to press accidentally more than one button at time.
- I got a non English version (in this case Portuguese) and it did not come with Letter Recognizer (same for other langs other than English?). It is not a must since it’s possible to add (download) it later... but don’t expect own lang symbols.

At the end S200 is a great phone.

  • manoj

speaker volume is low, battery also finishes off faster , video screen is small and can not be taken on full screen like photos. sometime blurred format pictures
otherwise the device is so useful and value for money.

  • Bent P

Good review. I bought the thing. For now i dont recoqnize any problems with slow cpu?? (Running real smoth) When working with calendar pages appear instantly. If people knew how convinient a device like this is everyone would want one...this device is not exactly cheap though!!!

  • dimitar

i have tis model.This is the beast of qteck,realy

  • Anonymous

nice review. is the bluetooth version 1.2 or 2?
on imate site it says support BT v2.o

  • Brian

Searched Hi and Lo for a great phone this was the one i choose. For value for money, size, weight and features this is a great phone. text addicts will prefer Qtek 9100 slightly thicker but with keyboard. Unfortunately Expansys have let me down so i won't be getting mine anymore:-(