Asus Padfone 2 review: Plug and play

21 February 2013
In today's rapidly-growing market, it's the push for more CPU cores and (mega)pixels that has been driving the industry forward. But every now and then, an extraordinary gadget emerges to explore new and exciting dimensions. Devices like the...

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  • TechLord777

That camera user interface in the screenshots on page 8 of this review (ID 891) looks very beautiful.

  • AnonD-281836

Word of advice don't buy anything from Asus. I've bought 3 products (Padfone 2 & Tablet & Laptop) from Asus & all 3 products broke down within the 1st year. On top of it all they offer near zero support & after care. Their warranties means nothing. You basically have to pay to fix anything even if your product is within warranty period.

  • Mike

Mike, 25 Feb 2013This phone tablet and smartphone really sucks, I am so desapoint... moreAlso I forgot to say that the screen of the smartphone, yes it is very bright, but unfortunately black colour is bad, it is never real dark black.

  • Mike

This phone tablet and smartphone really sucks, I am so desapointed with mine , I really regret it. DONT think this is a high end phone, it is not, on a good day perhaps tha category below.
Screen snd colours sucks yes, but I have neve had so many break downs and problems as my older phone.
Also when surfing the phone gets really warm and you cannot hold it close to you ear for calls.
For somehow Asus like sharp edges on their products, some might like it, but I hate it.

  • lurane

rafe firmani, 23 Feb 2013Well, non micro USB port!! GSM Arena should stated this as weak... moreit has both micro usb and camera button (choose volume up or down button).

  • AnonD-104538

Well a review at last. Was waiting for this a long time. I got my Padfone with tablet a month ago and I am loving it. Good Review..

Well, non micro USB port!!
GSM Arena should stated this as weaknesses, rather than no dedicated camera button thing.. (what??!)

So old school GSM Arena

  • Denzo

rynn, 22 Feb 2013@GSMarena where's the battery test? In the review just not labelled properly.

GSMarena found it got 56 hours. Which is incredible for this much power and screen size- you forget it has got a 2140 mah battery.

To the other question, yes you can use the phone with no battery in the dock with battery.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1227, 22 Feb 2013If the phone runs out of battery juice will i still be able to d... moreYes,it possible. I owned a padfone2. If the phone run out of juice. You just slot in to the tablet dock. The tablet dock will charge it to 1% and you are then able to power on with power switch on the tablet.

So, in Asus webpage the phone's specification shows only a Dual Band 3G...

Can you please confirm if this phone support 1900MHz band for 3G (HSPA)

  • AnonD-1227

If the phone runs out of battery juice will i still be able to dock and use the tablet?

  • rynn

@GSMarena where's the battery test?

  • AnonD-36854

No dif btw tablet and phone.

  • AnonD-79761

because its still not available in most of the countries.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Feb 2013Yeah you are right about one thing. It sure is unique. But aweso... moreSorry, i didnt see any use of your brain..

  • AnonD-116118

GSMArena Please make detailed camera review, with comparison tools samples!

  • AnonD-8908

Padfone 3 may be announced Monday and you've only done the review now? Camera isn't good though.

  • Anonymous

This is the only sony 13mp camera that GA has rated the camera performance very good. I'd like to buy the phone without the tablet but either way, it is very expensive.

  • gargi

To GSMArena - you can still sideload Flash on 4.1.2 or 4.2.2 devices. I have a Gnex on 4.2.2 stock, un-rotted, and have full flash running in the stock browser. Go to Adobe website and download the latest (and last) version...

  • Anonymous

I Have the padfone 2 for about two months(just the phone) And i'm very happy. And the padfone 2 have 2 buttons to take photos. Volume up or volume down would do the job!