MWC 2013: LG Optimus G, Vu, F and L series hands-on

25 February 2013
LG must have been charged for excess baggage – they brought a lot of phones. The LG Optimus G Pro super-phone stands at the front, followed by the Vu II, but the company also fleshed out its F and L series...

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  • AnonD-60521

i dnt understands that when they launches the dual sim versions of all,, then why wasting their time and money by making sigle sim variants,,,,,,,,,and why they are not putting minimun 8gb memory onboard frm olders that make any sense..

  • AnonD-60521

i m damn sure that l series dual sim versions are made for india......but it needs to launch early...not too let as always..........and needs some more changes...

  • Anonymous

first! AYA

Optuimus Pro G is a rip off of the Note 2