MWC 2013: Various brands overview

25 February 2013
With several of the bigger players in the mobile world notably absent from this years' MWC festivities, several of the lesser-known manufacturers can take...Update: NEC Medias Tab.

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  • Mashhood

My best phone fujistu arrows x

LOL Ubuntu for smartphones and tablets make iOS and Android look so outdated! I want one, hope developers join the ecosystem, it has future.

  • smanuola

@Bart from Esato: no it's not, it looks cool but it's the next Kyocira Echo, a short lived phone
@gilbs: I don't think either of those OSes will succeed, I actually think there's only room three major OSes and Android and IOS have secured their spots and the third between WP and BB unless another comes blazing in to take it.
@onex: I agree except for that I don't like HTC that much, most of they're phones what Marco M said Thick and with small batteries... and I do like Samsung and Sony smartphone, my only problem with them is that Sony basically released the same phone over and over again last year and Samsung only good phones are the G Note ii and the GS3, the rest is c***.

  • AnonD-80553

onex , 27 Feb 2013you sir are so right :) LG (wtf? my vacuum cleaner is a LG), ZTE... moreHTC = Thick phones without SD card slot and usually quite small batteries. Finally a bit better battery in One, but still far from the best.

Motorola fronts nothing new at MWC. X-phone will be unveiled very soon, when Key Lime Pie comes out.

  • onex

Boring, 25 Feb 2013Is it me or the WWC 2013 is so boring? I see nothing special to ... moreyou sir are so right :) LG (wtf? my vacuum cleaner is a LG), ZTE (go to china were you belong), HUAWEI (the same), Samsung (smaller and bigger Galaxy S3s with different hardware. grow up samsung. i`m proud of my Samsung tv and monitor, but phones...quit it), Alcatel (i used to like my One Touch Easy, back in freakin 1999 :) ), Nokia (just another WP), Sony (thank god for Playstation, but again, phones...quit it), Motorola (i always wanted a Motorola Kramer when i was 5), and all other bla blas. I`m a HTC user (i have the chance to play around with other "flagships" - SGS3, i5 - very often so i`m no hater, i just think they're crap, and yes besides the HTC One i was expecting a HTC tablet.

  • Guy

if these phones were available in 3rd world countries , believe me no one would buy iphones or crappy samsung etc bullshit..

  • AnonD-93199

very complicated!!!

  • Anonymous

Was hoping for more news on tegra 4 phones. Touch responsiveness is not good even with very high end hardware on android. Heard that tegra4 can fix that. Maybe ubuntu in the future.

Depending on their success, Firefox and Ubuntu will threaten Android's slice of the pie more than they would threaten iOS. The three share a lot of traits versus iOS who holds very unique position technology-wise and market-wise. Not bad for us users at all--might even be better as we'll see all three competing on features and usability. Of course, in such a race all three might zoom past everyone else in preference. I recall the old race between Apple II and IBM PC where the "IBM compatibles" helped the PC win the market until the Mac was relegated to video/photo editing. Those who weren't born before iMac won't know this fact.

  • AnonD-79701

Thx for stopping at the Yota stand.
I would like to add that it will also be launched on the Russian market. Other places are still unconfirmed.
Personally i think they'll boost the cpu with 2 more cores.

  • Jack

Ubuntu certainly has potential. One cant help but feel that Android has reached its peak already.

  • AnonD-100090

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2013I wonder why the smart-watches always have such a huge bezel. It... moreActually I think it does have a headphone jack, it must be hidden. But I completely agree with you about the smart watches. Personally I'm routing for Sony, and I seriously hope they up the specs this time round with bigger screens and faster processors. Then it would be worth getting, rather than just an expensive wrist weight. Also I think the Ubuntu OS is too confusing. Their is a reason Google use visible navigation keys rather than invisible sliding gestures. You would need to really get used to it, before using it properly.

  • Anonymous

a bright future is waiting for Ubuntu. it has the capability to be a deserving alternative for both android and iOS.

  • Anonymous

I wonder why the smart-watches always have such a huge bezel. It's strapped to your wrist, so you don't need a big dead edge to grip whilst you're using it, and you could easily double the screensize if it would simply extend nearer to the edge of the device.

That Alcatel doesn't even have a headphone 3.5 plug-in, ...but it comes with a 3.5 adapter in the box lol.

I'm glad to see the Ubuntu stuff looking pretty neat, though occasionally the opperator in the video looks a little (and understandably so) lost within an OS with no visual cues for what things do. At least it looks consistant about which swipes do what.

With my point of view,, iphone samsung htc and sony has launched next amazing smart phones a little before MWC 13..... thats why MWC 13 not becoming successful.....

  • AnonD-79701

Why didn't you stop at the Yota stand?
A phone with dual screens is a new step the evolution of smartphones

  • Boring

Is it me or the WWC 2013 is so boring? I see nothing special to anticipate at all. So far I only see crappy stuffs.

  • lcalvom

The "ZTE Open" mobile phone got a little "frozen", doesn't it?

  • Gurpreet

good phone