Qtek 9600 and 8600 (HTC Hermes and Breeze): First look

12 June 2006
We are presenting you two yet unannounced Windows Mobile devices with 3G connectivity manufactured by HTC – Qtek 9600 and Qtek 8600, respectively HTC Hermes and Breeze platforms. The two smart devices feature 3G connectivity, new Samsung processors, microSD card slots and Windows Mobile 5.0 OS.

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  • vava
  • wrY
  • 26 Jan 2007

wowww.. what a kind PDA just in my dream... i really love to have it.. but what should i do then.. no money to buy it..... :(

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    • Me
    • j@B
    • 30 Aug 2006

    The review is wrong in that the jog wheel is why you buy this phone - the jog wheel CAN be pressed down as a button.

      • r
      • ram
      • Ycq
      • 10 Aug 2006

      no# phone,every thing in this small toy.

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        • uccoffee
        • 2xX
        • 19 Jun 2006

        The 1st HTC PPC phone with micro-SD should be the WIZARD!

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          • MoThug666
          • 4$f
          • 14 Jun 2006

          Anyone know if the 3g (the umts part not the edge), will work in the US? or is it 3g for europe only? the umts in US needs either 850 or 1900. Any info would be appreciated