HTC One review: To rule them all

22 March 2013
Arguably one of the most exciting pieces of smartphone design in recent times, the HTC One is also properly powered and flaunts a screen that should please even the most demanding eyes...

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  • Anonymous

I'm still using my M7 as a backup device of my Huawei Mate 20 Pro. It is, for sure after six years from its debut, an outdated phone with insufficient power to support a lot of modern apps, but its sound system is still amazing in my opinion. The battery is mediocre even in 2013 and the camera is an absolute drawback. However I don't use mobile phone as a camera so I am never too worried about it.

this phone's main problems are the battery and heating up.

  • Levy

I would've thought it would've been more mesmerizing than it ended up being.

  • Anonymous

HTC one m 7 ...(4 g network

  • Anonymous

Unable to send email from HTC desire

  • kurnia

Htc one its ok

  • AnonD-518638

I have used HTC one for same weeks now but when ever l uploaded apps. I have problem with the phone when ever I call I can hear the person even when the person calls is the same problem what should I do.

  • dk

My HTC one not working 4g network and not upgrade or update whay?

  • dizzle

I can't find the videos on my HTC one m7.....No icon for videos.can some1. Help me out.thanks

  • AnonD-100780

AnonD-288128, 28 Jul 2014After almost one year of use I find it a decent phone but I... moreI have used HTC One S, Sony Xperia Z, LG G2, HTC Desire 816, LG G3 and now HTC ONE MAX, I can tell you for good the camera performs better with the 4 Ultra Pixel, for sure. And bragging about non-removal battery? should have checked the phone before buying.

  • james

The HTC one was a good phone for about 6 months if that then it went down hill fast the so called 16 hour battery is maybe a 6 hour and that's giving it credit and that is if I do or do not use it. One instance I used the flash light with a full charge and within 5 to 7 minutes it was warning me of a low battery. The camera stopped taking good pictures in the first few months of having it with no damage to the phone or camera.all in all I would not recommend the phone to anyone of you want reliably. My wife's phone also has battery issues so it's not just a one phone issue

  • AnonD-334746

Ty G., 22 Mar 2013wow!I own both the s4 and HTC one and hands down the one is my favorite. I like it so much that I got another. I upgraded and got a 64gig dev edition but still kept my first one too. My only complaint is the cameras after the 4.4 update both have a purple hue in mid to low light.

  • Anonymous

My mobile is HTC one Android4.1.2 but after upgrad my camera is always problem.

  • AnonD-288128

After almost one year of use I find it a decent phone but I have the following comments:
The camera is a piece of shit. That ultra miga pixel innovation is nothing but a bluff. The camera photos are very poor in low illumination and best described as fine in good illumination.

Other pitfalls include
#The update that removed the old video highlight themes (that were really nice) abd replaced them with newer ones that r ok but not as good as z old ones.
#Battery is not replaceable.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jun 2013Why HTC put only 4MP camera?Its 4 up dats is ultra pixel

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jun 2013Why HTC put only 4MP camera?Its 4 up dats is ultra pixel

  • Ty G.

Just got the 4.4 update here in the philippines, well done htc!

  • kvs

Anonymous, 16 Jun 2013Why HTC put only 4MP camera?4 ultra pixel dude...not mega pixel..i dont know why the hell they always write 4 m.p..

  • Dame

MMS, 16 Jun 2013Hi I am very interested in this model, as well as the Sony ... moreI've had 3 HTC phones. My first was the HTC One X and the HTC Desire at the same time as a second phone. I had some issues with the One X so I upgraded to the One. Let me tell you it is such an improvement you wouldn't believe it. HTC spent time developing a good phone with the One X and really made it better with the one. I'll be honest, the JB 4.1.2 was buggy with the One and I would presume if anyone doesn't like the phone it was because of that reason but JB 4.3 is definitely works remarkably well with the One.
For my demise my One got stolen at a party so I'm stuck using my backup HTC Desire until my One is replaced (with another One of course). Thank goodness for devices protection. I'll just say great phone.


Hey guys I have heard the htc one is a good phone but am wondering if the interface looks any good, please let me know this is a decider for me