Samsung Galaxy S4 review: Supernova

28 March 2013
As the Galaxy S series counter flips another digit, Samsung has hopes of getting an even tighter grip on the smartphone market, and reasserting its Android dominance. With two of the main rivals enjoying a head-start to the market, the Galaxy S4...

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  • Rose

ORAZAI, 01 Jul 2020yes but battery life is a problemI've had two batteries & a charger. Saves on worry or complaining. Just switch & I'm done. I see all the new phones none of them have surpassed the S4. She's fine!


Sajeev, 11 Jun 20204G? yes but battery life is a problem

  • Sajeev


  • Anonymous

The 9.6 Megapixel still image feature DURING video recording was so amazing at its time! Underrated feature!

I tested an Xiaomi Redmi Note8 pro, of which still images during video recording only hvae the same resolution as the video itself! What is the purpose of that feature then?!

  • DoubtClear

David, 28 Apr 2020Does it screenshotPress power button and home button together

  • David

Does it screenshot

  • MrChh

koko, 14 Nov 2019My s4 get very very heat all the time an the battery doesn... moreThe fone gets heated very fast, battery loss high.
How can I get over with this problem.

  • Samsung User

koko, 14 Nov 2019My s4 get very very heat all the time an the battery doesn... moreSame here, but the battery/charger needs to be original...I'm having trouble with my location settings, it struggles to find a gps signal

koko, 14 Nov 2019My s4 get very very heat all the time an the battery doesn... moreIt's time to change your handset

  • koko

My s4 get very very heat all the time an the battery doesn't last

  • Bhaumik

too Much heating Problem after using data & facebook & youtube.

  • Ogc Junior

ALIZOONE, 04 Sep 2016In my phone samsung galaxy s4 has not fm redio why ?thats how it is

  • Bernard

My s4 gets heated when the data is turned on... Please is it normal?

  • mali

Hamthan, 07 Dec 2015daily 4 times connect to charger battery is suddenly down..... moreSame

  • ali kordi

Hi my phon have nat gprs &axes points

  • Anonymous

I recently travelled and replaced the sim in my phone . now when I put back my old simple, it says "not registered in the network" when I try to call' i went to network provider several times even changed the sim number to no avail, please help

  • Umesh

Please give me the link to download cloud wallpaper showing in this review unit.

  • Anonymous

How do I personalize my messages on my texting

  • istos

My Samsung s4 it doesn't read my sim card,what should be the problem?

  • Khan

Although S4 is a great cell phone I'm using since last 3 years and I'm in love with it last update of lollipop version made the battery timing worst and phone started heating up but changing the battery and getting the new orignal korean battery solved my problem and now again its the best choice even I have different choices like J7 and e.t.c. but from the very begining I'm using this so I'm addicted to s4