HTC One vs Sony Xperia Z: One to Z

05 April 2013
Well you asked for it. Seriously, we got like a thousand tips. So here it is – the HTC One vs the Sony Xperia Z battle of the gorgeous-looking flagships. Both devices are the crucial points...

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  • smith

HTC one is the best in music playing and body shape unlike the z x I love HTC m7 its a good thin machine

  • emmobi

HTC from de test is beta...

  • AnonD-535060

I've both
Sony xperia z and htc one m7.the most i like Sony but now i rolling with ht because my sony phone is mirror broken 'two time'.:-)

  • Anonymous

Shon, 17 Jan 2014Nice dude.. Sony is the best.. Thats the fact.. And to make... more??????

  • Manny

sony xperia z BEST mobile phone & batter then htc one

  • jhun

How much battery xperia z1

  • s.s.k.shashikant

This is a very good mobile. To better than samsung galaxy/nokia/apple

  • Rimon

"Sony Xperia Z" is the best smartphone

  • kichi

Samsung note 2 better than xperia z camera sound battery but xperia has no battery life call clarity problem you want to call then speaker is on when speaker is off yo cant hear people sound my uncle gift me xperia 1 month I exchange to note 2

  • Dr.vivek

Sony z is to bad phone
B'coz camera flash is to bad....!

  • adad

Htc is d best.. the camera and all..

  • Arif

No doubt that Sony Xperia Z more better than HTC one.

  • sonu khan

nice phone nice colour nicbe camera

  • gaurav

me, 05 Aug 2014I am using Sony Xperia z smartphone. It's better than HTC. But what about the water resistance in Sony xperia z tell that a water resistance is for life time or for limited period tell about that

  • oochaaali

Htc desire 500 is better than xperia z

  • me

I am using Sony Xperia z smartphone. It's better than HTC.

  • Hexahedronic

I own a Sony Xperia Z, and in my personal experience when compared to the One's that my friends and family own it is far superior in most aspects. The camera is crystal clear in most situations whereas the One always seems to be slightly unclear (Not bad by any means for a commercial user). The One's slightly better processor shows when performing intensive tasks such as rendering 3D games though. Both are good overall.

  • nilesh

sony xperia is best.

  • shiva

XPERIA Z is one of best phone than HTC one..........

  • gaara

xperia z is best. i want it