Nokia Lumia 720 review: On target

12 April 2013
Having covered the premium and the entry-level segment, Nokia is paying due attention to the midrange and hoping that it will pay off handsomely. The Lumia 720 was the leader of the company's lineup at...

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  • Blazing
  • Nvp
  • 02 Feb 2022

I love my Nokia Lumia 720. Is fast and easy to use.
My problem is screen is broken, I looked for screen for over four years and, I wish my Lumia can be fixed, I miss my Lumia 720,and My Lumia was upgraded to Lumia 920

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    • AnonD-443708
    • tht
    • 23 Sep 2015

    This phone is a rip-off! Single SIM, 1/2 GB RAM, really suck! Good thing I'm a Nokia lover. Are Microsoft and Nokia have same quality? Thanks

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      • AnonD-377588
      • 7tB
      • 30 Jun 2015

      Hi everyone ! I have a Lumia 720 and have been using for more than a year now. Till now I had no issues but recently noticed horizontal black lines on the whole screen. I have taken screen shots but couldn't find lines in them.I am quite sure my phone didn't fall down. Please help me with the problem.

        • S
        • YTE
        • 29 May 2015

        My phone network & memory problem

          • R
          • Regan
          • vTQ
          • 25 Apr 2015

          mikro, 31 Aug 2014Its the best phone I have ever had. Battery is fantastic, c... moreBoss can u tell me how I take the picture 📷 best?
          Because I always takes the pic good but it displays very haisy & sharpness is full that's why I m not satisfied with the pic
          Plz help me

            • H
            • Hmar
            • s8h
            • 15 Apr 2015

            Can we update to windows10 and fix the camera blurness...plz i'm fate up of my blur camera, it happens after updating to windows8.1. Fix it plz

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              • thomas
              • rKP
              • 27 Mar 2015

              Good one

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                • Anonymous
                • YT1
                • 01 Jan 2015

                mikro, 31 Aug 2014Its the best phone I have ever had. Battery is fantastic, c... moreNokia Lumia 720 net battery life is low. Quickly come down 👇 many problems come YouTube videos open fully anging problem

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                  • NMNSTAR
                  • bE8
                  • 26 Nov 2014

                  I am facing problem with Lumia 720, when am changing network settings to 3G my mobile not working for either incoming or outgoing as well as net,but it showing full E Signal.

                  but the same when i change into 2G settings, all works fine with the Edge signal.

                  Why is it so? i have changed a new microsim into it, then also same problem continues, no problem with the service provider.
                  pls help me

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                    • imtiyaz
                    • YQG
                    • 04 Nov 2014

                    Anonymous, 13 Jul 2014Please suggest me will I buy this mobile????Fine

                      • s
                      • shiju
                      • X{1
                      • 11 Oct 2014

                      Most worst phone I have ever used...plz plz plz dnt select windows phone..i am using this phone past one cnt ply videos properly..un expected reset while using browser...better to tke iPhone or Samsung...

                        • m
                        • murtaza
                        • KIC
                        • 09 Oct 2014

                        I am not able to watch videos from any website. Flash videos are not supported by 720. Anyone has any solution.

                          • m
                          • mikro
                          • swm
                          • 31 Aug 2014

                          Its the best phone I have ever had. Battery is fantastic, camera takes the best pics and windows is the best platform, android to me is just stupid in comparison.. Price I paid for this phone is smaller than any of the people I know, and using their phones I always think that mine is so much better :)

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                            • AnonD-7043
                            • rKD
                            • 15 Aug 2014

                            Lumia Cyan update Available for Lumia 720 in India....
                            Action Center, virtual personal assistant called Cortana, Redesigned status bar, Better sound control with separate scrubbers for Notifications/Ringer and Apps/Media, Better multi-tasking with suspend mode, File Manager, More tiles, Quiet hours, New Dialer app with Speed Dial, Updated lockscreen and custom tile backgrounds, incredibly fast 'The Word Flow keyboard', easier Nokia Camera app, Nokia Storyteller, direct Creative Studio app, etc.
                            To know more check the link below>
                            For Help with updating see the video below....
                            Nokia Lumia: Software update....
                            # UPDATE AND ENJOY #

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                              • Darshil
                              • uvh
                              • 13 Aug 2014

                              I m using the phone and its the best phone in whole world. nokia lumia is the best 720.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • fCx
                                • 13 Jul 2014

                                Please suggest me will I buy this mobile????

                                  • A
                                  • Adam
                                  • rKn
                                  • 20 Jun 2014

                                  According to me it's a good phone.but the main problem is it's a small phone and also it is too expensive

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • th9
                                    • 30 Apr 2014

                                    Itd good

                                      • a
                                      • andy
                                      • i55
                                      • 23 Apr 2014

                                      my phone just went off,just like that and it won't restart.Anyone with an idea why?

                                        • n
                                        • neo
                                        • utk
                                        • 13 Apr 2014

                                        Did anyone get windows phone 8.1 developer's preview ?