Samsung Galaxy Young S6310 review: Just for starters

22 May 2013
With flagships coming in like clockwork, Samsung obviously thought it was time for their entry-level Android lineup to also get a fresh of coat of paint. And that goes all the way to the bottom, where the Galaxy Y prepares to...

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  • amarnath jaiswal

Batrey back up is not good

  • elangovan

Phone for two problem automatic switch off and no
Battery back up but working is nice

  • noni bubx

Love d fone much

  • asmodean

Man, here in Norway the young costs ~500 NOK (81 USD), while the lumia 520 costs ~1500 NOK. I just don't get how those would cost the same where you're from

  • butch

how can i move the application from phone to external memory or sd card??

  • Tanmoy

My asha 200 best

  • Micromax Review

AnonD-121629, 23 May 2013NOw let me ask one question from GSMARENA...WHY ON EARTH TH... moreMicromax mobiles sucks... no service center to back up...few service centers ...I waited 1 month because I knew the owner of the service center in New Delhi, friend still has to receive his Micromax Canvas from last 4 months. And after 3-4 days of purchase...people landing to service centers. Very Bad mobile parts ...if you write anything against online in forums... these people delete the posts so you always see the praised posts only. Trust me I switched to Samsung and Touch, quality is Amazing. Well Brands are Brands.

  • jc

Is it possible to install some apps directly to sd.My question is if the option to move app to sd is enabled in the app menu or it have to be rooted to install apps like link2sd or app2sd.

  • Anonymous

wechat, whatsup works on this mobile? pls tell in detail.

  • shivam

i am using this from a month but i didnt like its perfomence and i am very upset by the mobile

  • Mr. Mischief

I've been using this phone for a while. Say 1 month. And I'm very happy with the performance of this phone. Enough internal storage for apps. Expandable to 64 GB via micro SD card.JB itself is buttery smooth plus 1GHz ARM cortex A5 processor with 665mb of RAM makes it smoother.
But something which really disappointed me is its battery back up. 1300 mah battery back up is really poor and not enough for heavy users like me. I've to charge it frequently cuz battery drains out so quickly. I'm thinking about carrying around another set of battery. Oh! Another negative point of this phone is it gets over heated whenever I charge it. This problem can be solved if you charge the phone with switching it off.
More or less it is a good phone. I'll give it 7.5 out of 10.

  • Anonymous

All gud xcept for de camera and horrible battery back up...!! Performance for its cost its unbeatable. ..

  • AnonD-147991

prabal, 27 May 2013ya go buy a lumia for its beauty and keep it as show case b... moreWell said

  • prabal

ya go buy a lumia for its beauty and keep it as show case because it only looks good but has no use.
i am using young and its performing too nice. guess what nokia only has old fans but sam has made fans

  • Anonymous

AnonD-147991, 25 May 2013Nokia and w8..the ugliest Interface everyeah, wp8 UI is totally not for a kid like you. go stick in the corner and play some games. you are a loner

  • Anonymous

Can we play 720p videos through mx player in this device. pls tell me soon.

  • AnonD-142983

Does it support GLONASS ??
It is not mentioned in the Specs page
Could u please confirm it ??
This Q is really important to me :)
Edit ,,, U didn't mention anything about Compass ,, Does it work fine ??
Thanx in advance

  • AnonD-147991

bob, 24 May 2013Mate... you have no idea what you are talking about! There ... moreYes we get it...that Nokia Lumia offers great quality CPU..but we dont want that ugly ass w8 UI

  • AnonD-147991

Striker, 23 May 2013A Samsung and Handroid - the two words that make every norm... moreNokia and w8..the ugliest Interface ever

  • AnonD-147991

I Cant understand why the hell always people start talking about Lumia 510 and how Nokia offers Dual core CPU around 10000 INR...don"t they know that there are so many people who just simply hate that Ugly Tile UI. Some operating systems only look good for Laptops and PC's and not for smartphones. For God Sake Stop suggesting Nokia Lumia even to someone who doesn't even want W8