Samsung Galaxy S4 mini preview: First look

30 May 2013
If there was anything certain after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4, it was the imminent arrival of a mini version. The question wasn’t whether or when – the Galaxy S4 mini is drafting even closer behind the flagship than its predecessor did last season...

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  • Rahul

Is there multi window and air gesture?

  • Anonymous

s4 mini battery life gud?

  • Anonymous

Where's the multi window option? I don't have in my s4 mini. Plus there are not all the options in NFS as it is shown here. And I don't even have the floating keyboard option

  • AnonD-325044

Does it support air gestures??
Please answer

  • Kiran

Scen lenght promlam

  • Uttam

Some people say that, s4 mini Hangs after long time net using. Is it right?

  • zack96


  • milanbaba85

Very good nice mobile galaxy s4 mini
I like

  • rajeshmotors

S beam functions not available on my s4mini.need suggestions

  • Butch

Theres no air view or air gestures on S4 mini for Malaysian market. But the Clone koren s4 mini have it all --- Be careful before purchase!

  • yas

mehanth, 07 Jun 2013does s4 mini has led notificationi am wondering the same is their any led lights to make you aware of notifications messages missed calls?

  • Anonymous

There is no multi window , air view and gesture and no drama shot mode .then why are they showing it has all this

  • AnonD-112024

junn, 15 Jun 2013Does it have video call.why is it not discuss in the previe... moreYes all phones with a front facing camera and 3G support has video calling facility.You better acquire more knowledge regarding these smartphones.

  • Nish

S4 Mini launched in India at Rs. 27,990... Seems way too overpriced for a dual core phone on this day.. I bought my Galaxy S2 a year back at 26,500 which still made sense back then... Today a basic minimum of quad core spec should hv been provided for this phone... Utterl

  • AnonD-141516

ig, 01 Jun 2013If someone knows does this phone have a led notification light? It does not have LED notifications

  • alex

I want to buy this phone, but first I'd like to read your review on it. When will you post is on

  • AnonD-162923

looks good phone, it would be good to see the audio quality test graphs :)

  • dil

there are no s4 premium features on this fone. the air view, gestures and all other are not available.

  • Igor

I think the pixels looks like the matrix in the Note 2... A diferent way to build a RGB...

  • bogdan

hy, please modified in the samsung s4 mini specification, ram of this device is 1,5gb for all version, 3g or lte, not 2gb for lte version