Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 preview: First look

9 July 2013
Samsung is in no mood to invest much time and effort in its Galaxy Tab range of tablets. With the Note family getting the premium treatment, the new generation of Tabs would suffice with a mild facelift and a software upgrade. That's...

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  • sheikh sadee

my SMT 211 android version4.1.2 is more slow internet connection please make it first

  • Obasunny

Samsung don't seems to come up, causes and what to do?

  • Anonymous

2 versions, GSM sim slot, wifi only no sim slot.

  • Mila

Nav, 04 Feb 2016Where's his sim location? It doesn't have any

  • Nav

AnonD-179499, 27 Aug 2013how to order?Where's his sim location?

  • nina

Hi..I hv a Samsung galaxy tab 3 but cnt seem to install the sim card..I googled trying to figure it out but its of no help..ths tab has no sim slot just micro sd so im guessing i need to slide the back cover odf somehow to insert the sim but even that is proving impossible. .pls help!!

  • bidemi Alli

Pls can I use samsung galaxy tab3 to make calls here in Nigeria pls

  • nats

Seriously did my upgrade to the 37.0 tab....i.mean really poor pic quality...bck to store tmrw no thnkq

  • Raya

I have a problem with this tablet, whenever I want to download any application I couldn't because I get an error "Error 406" . Anyone can help me in this please???

  • Pubudu

Can I plug usb pen drive to my tab 3 7.0 using usb hub???

  • don

Vogue, 16 Sep 2013In indo...sia is $320. Why ?in egypt 500 dollars

  • Anonymous

Chloe , 26 Dec 2013Is it a phone a well as a tab&can you text and call?You sure can :)

  • ehdz

I have a question why i cannot move the app on my ext. Sd card. How can i move? Or do you have app in moving app in sd card.
Samsung galaxy tab3 SM-T210,w/o sim.
Thanks, you can email me at your answer or suggestion.

  • anonymous

Awesome ,,,

  • AnonD-220211

SM-T211;galaxy tab 3 CanI get software update 4.4 kitkat for my tab 3?

  • Chloe

Is it a phone a well as a tab&can you text and call?

  • prabath

Im use samsung tab 3. Now a days I will go to open some teledrama websides It wi not play, sow my Icon ,I will click it open in view Shockwave flash. Afer I was try to introl it, but it notposibble. pleace help me how I do it.

  • Maged

im really confused between tab 3 and grand ,, any recommendation guys plz ?

  • Anonymous

Does this tab has touch key light?

  • yet!

Nice and practical phablet.. pls sammy upgrade it. Make new model..