Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom review: Lights, Camera, Android!

23 July 2013
Having cornered the Android smartphone market, Samsung now has smart cameras in its sights. The Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom is a crossover of an Android phone and a point-and-shoot camera, trying to put the best of both worlds in your pocket...

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 May 2016my phone network stop wat can i doyouay've used up your allotted data plan allowence. you may have an incorrect apn setting, or your phone may have been locked down only usable thru them.bnone other.

  • Anonymous

my phone network stop wat can i do

  • dee1

I turned on my fone buh it stop booting and didn't pass d samsung label, what can I do

  • Random Boo

anna, 21 Aug 2013Can this make calls?Yes it's a phone with a zoom camera

  • Random Boo

AnonD-112130, 05 Oct 2013Wow. It is really ugly like.Ok guess what it is not ugly

  • fathy


  • rasheed

joyjay, 01 Apr 2014Why don't s4 zoom have light and radio. The flash light did not work in Samsung galaxy s4 zoom. Please have a reason.

  • harry

After waiting until s5 revealed... Now is the right time to buy this s4 zoom.. Coz i like it very well and now it's cheap... Ringgit Malaysia 1099. Yahooooo

  • joyjay

Why don't s4 zoom have light and radio.

  • Anonymous

Why do they omit the FM Radio.
S3 LTE, S4, S5, S4 Zoom,...

It's really a pity you can't buy Samsungs anymore because of missing FM Radio.
They have IR, Barometers, Thermometers, ANT+ etcetc but I have to stick to other brands. Very sad.

  • John

I found a bug in video recording: when you make a zoom in/out during record video, the sound is monophonic. Stop the zoom and the stereo sound work fine... Someone had this problem too? How to solve this ?!?

  • AnonD-214764

AnonD-112130, 05 Oct 2013Wow. It is really ugly like.This is Camera Phone. Is not a phone comera.

  • omg

omgomgomg, 30 Jul 201310x Optical Zoom + Superb OIS + Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is m... moreThat's true my friend..

  • Anonymous

How can I activate Video light?

  • Black Adder

I`ve just run the AnTuTu benchmark on this phone and it gave 15007 points. Can you compare with yours ? Im not sure it had the latest updates, but the AnTuTu was the newest. Anyways it works smooth and it`s very fast in everything, i`m impressed.

  • AnonD-13569

well, i think that the next generation of this phone/camera can be amazing.. it needs to be thin, even 11-12mm will do. also, it should be given top end treatment by samsung. dual-core wtf?
if u dont like it, think of it as a camera with ability to make calls. you might like the idea then.

  • AnonD-112130

Wow. It is really ugly like.

  • AnonD-112130

Soooooo ugly. Give me lumia 1020 any minute of any day

  • brain hacle

ESE Sachs to Nokia ka Asha series h.low cost low maintenance.

  • AnonD-161237

It dosent fit ur pockets, switch to Lumia 1020....better gadget any given day ;)