BlackBerry Q5 review: The apprentice

26 July 2013
Smartphone makers believe in trickle-down economics. They build their portfolios top to bottom, looking to get as much bang out of the flagship as they can and, after the hype around it has settled, they bring out the more affordable...

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  • AnonD-967645

Does the screen have glass or plastic cover?

  • Ane

Blackberry Q5 does not have LED coverage light ?

  • Jet

Why BlackBerry Q5 dont have LED coverage indicator

  • sunil kumar ram

i bought blackberry q5 in april,but now suddenly switiching off ,sometime batter getting hot.....

  • Sk

Mita, 06 Aug 2013I hv a serious problem with my smart phone blackberry Q5,I ... morer u serious?????????????????

  • AnonD-467722

Nice phone, it can use BB 10.3.2. And the most important thing it have physical keyboard

  • M.M.

I have had the Q5 for quit a while now and it is a very reliable phone. All the othee phones I had before always let me down one way or another not the Q5. Delivers every time.

  • rahul

Network problem so times loss

  • AnonD-490609

How do I delete pdf files from my BlackBerry Q5?



  • Egnr Komo

I want to know maybe the screen is unscratchable

  • radix

Q5 supports nfc but in my phone at nfc option is it showing "nfc is not supported by your device." my device model SQR100-3.
Pls me help me out how to get nfc back. My mail id is

Thank u in advance.

  • Zee

how do i delete photos downloaded from whattapp if they are written read only

  • Anonymous

Wonderfull smartphone we can compare with pasport

  • krishna

How to make i .d de r

  • H

vickkytemmy, 06 Sep 2014My whatsapp is old asking me to download another bt each ti... moreThere's a good chance it's blocked if you bought it second hand

  • H

teeboi, 08 Dec 2014How can I download with bbq5?It keeps streaming whenever I ... moreYou hold on the link and select save as

  • ram

how will be support whatup in q5

  • g bush

lala, 15 May 2014how can i save pictures from fb to my phone? please sm1 i n... more@ lala for u to save pice frm FB just view the pix tap nd hold it will automatically be saved

  • shahir

In these q5 malayalam language support? Please tell

  • bb lover

will whatsapp support on it