Motorola Moto X hands-on: First look

01 August 2013
It's been a while since Google bought Motorola but it's only now that we finally see the fruits of that cooperation. By this point, we were already overly excited because we couldn't wait to see what rabbit...

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  • Anonymous

good loking

  • AnonD-333286

When will lollipop os avalible for moto x 1st generation

  • musty

Its very good but the PRICe

  • Android Man

Question why is a budget handset Moto G, faster than a premium handset Moto X. dont make sense. to be honest Moto G, is a cracking phone, should of used same chipset in the Moto X.

  • Android Man

Motorola dont make sense. 1.7 dual core on a premium Moto X, 1.2 quad core on budget Moto G. Moto G are awesome.

  • harish

i like this mobile purchece it now.

  • Laxman soren

AnonD-102477, 03 Aug 2013troll that usually says nokia thinks colour are innovation now ... morenice hand set i like tghis handset

  • Basha

It is awesome. Phone is it cheap or costs high

  • Dudëbser

AnonD-102477, 03 Aug 2013lol, are you serious??? what bout Nokia lumia 920,925,928,1020 ... moreGood saying;

  • Dodo

BobMerlin, 05 Aug 2013Comparing the last two pictures with S4.. Can't really say how d... moreSo, you would prefer a poorer low light photo with more noise?! The sharpness is the same, apparently, but the focus area is at a different place.

The Moto camera is so clearly better than the S4 overall, only a blind Sammy fanboy can argue the opposite.

  • AnonD-132351

A cheaper moto x should be arriving ?? So I made a specs list for it
4.5" screen 960x640 resolution
Dual core 1.3 GHz krait s4 plus
1GB ram
7.2MP clear pixel camera
Secondary 1.9 MP
Demensions = (4.86x2.57x0.42)

So this phone should be priced 229$ and the moto x 369$

  • AnonD-173936

What good in moto x if I can to buy nexus 4 cheaper

  • AnonD-74402

good moto


AnonD-171405, 03 Aug 2013Whatever GHz CPu,Even 5 ghz octa core With 4gb ram will also hang....haters will always gonna hate forever...

  • AnonD-105611

Yay, the era of black and white phones is finally ending! I love colors, and it kills me a little that my carrier only stocked black phone that I have, I had to put a colorful case on it.
I know this phone might never come anywhere outside US and if it did, it would probably be non-customizable black and white versions, but still, there is progress being made :)

  • Anonymous

Is there any way to get this phone in south africa???? Inlove with this phone. Would get rid of my iphone if I could get this

  • AnonD-142950

Wow of course it doesn't have 4.3. That version of android just go announced just a few weeks back. Last time i checked no device is running 4.3 except the nexus lines.

  • BobMerlin

Comparing the last two pictures with S4.. Can't really say how dark it was, ofcourse, but it looks like the S4 wasn't using Night-mode, but I might be wrong there. Either way, the "equal sharpness" they're talking about.. Yes, the S4 has more noice, but sharpness is much better than Moto X. Check around the eyes. The Moto X is more blurry.

As for the second picture with LED-flash.. The Moto X is REALLY blurry, and it shouldn't be in that light. (Might be the handling, but still.) Check the beak (grey fluffyness whereas the S4 reveals som sort of cloth pattern), around the eyes, the top of the head, the wood underneath it. The S4 has a LOT more sharpness, no competition!

I am NOT impressed with the Moto X camera. Might be that it becomes better with an update later on (like the S3 got a lot better low light pictures with a later software update), but as it is now, I'd prefere the S4, even if it has more noice and darker picture in low light.

  • AnonD-4963

frh, 04 Aug 2013Unfortunately, Motorola has drastically restricted its operation... morelOL, ITS better they dont come here. this phone is priced similar to flagship HTC One. Too expensive..Around Rs40,000-45,000. Check the unlocked price.
But Motorola is making a cheaper version,for Europe.. Maybe the rumored Tegra 4 or a simple S4 Dual Core with 1 Gb RAM and downgraded camera. But i bet Tegra 4 will be mighty expensive SoC

ravi, 03 Aug 2013when it launched in india..?Unfortunately, Motorola has drastically restricted its operations in India (­-11-26/hardware/35366341_1_motorola-mobility-and­roid-smartphones-google ) since 2012. One can only wish that they'll bring the device to the highly populated Indian market, but it'll not be easy competing with the likes of Samsung, Sony and other local brands.