LG G2 hands-on: First look

07 August 2013
LG has just taken the wraps off its new G2 flagship and has put broad smiles on the faces of geeks around the globe. There's no two ways about it - the LG G2 is a true powerhouse, combining unprecedented ...

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  • Anonymous

Is there any problem with lg g2 n Lollipop is officially announced in India ?? Plz rply itz ergent

  • khattab

Whixh is better LS980 orVS980
Please give me good information about this.

  • benne

For sure one of top best cp for 2013 ! I will place it at part with htc one and butterfly s ! Great job Lg !

  • sai ram

Hai....guys I planning to buy this mobile lg g2....please suggest its nice model to by

  • Anonymous

Love to get it

  • Anonymous

Lg g2 world best smart phone in comming market g. World fast prosser and gram and answer me and cliptray text link

  • AnonD-166129

LG didn't update their Android version at all.....

  • AnonD-163375

I just love it. Its awesome phn.Great looking,great thinking. I think G2 is the great innovation.

  • Carlos

Scoop, 20 Aug 2013Asian made I Phone is also prone to breaking very easily from a ... moreI have the iPhone 4S. I've dropped it twice. One on a concrete road outside, it was inside a thin pouch. Nothing happened.

The other one was on my tiles at home. It bounced. Nothing.

The iPhone 5 is even harder to break since its lighter. Screen on smartphones, they can all crack from drops.

  • Carlos

Michael Duncan, 22 Aug 2013I really like the LG G2, It's a very nice device! Yeah I know it... moreWhy is everyone so obsessed about phones being plastic?

My iphone is all glass.

I was using an LG G PRO and it feels fantastic in the hand. Much better than my 4s.

  • Carlos

fresh , 28 Aug 2013My one is made of aluminium..HTC ONE made of aluminum?


So was the first iPhone back in 2007.

  • nickname

J, 17 Aug 2013This phone is very beautiful and the design is one of the best a... moreI watched the video and there was no lag in the LG G2... so please don't use internet explorer anymore mozila and chrome are faster =P

  • Limited

Striker, 17 Aug 2013This thing is neither a phone, nor a tablet. It is humongous and... moreHaters gonna hate..

If you don't like it, then don't buy it. Some people prefer bigger screen and YOUR opinion won't even matter to them.

Life's Good so if I we're you, Get a Life.

  • fresh

AnonD-147044, 14 Aug 2013Too bad you're trolling as well. By the way, the LG G2 is made o... moreMy one is made of aluminium..

  • don't forget him

what about this...


sorry lg...

  • AnonD-178368

I'm sorry, but look at this comparison with the Samsung Galaxy S4. The LG certainly has some stiff competition in the form of the Galaxy S4.

  • AnonD-174082

I have its bigger and older brother the G Pro. All I have are accolades for LG. I interveiwed the One by HTC ( my 2nd choice) and the S4 ( close 3rd). And the 4S, and 5 by Apple. Short answer, the GPro slaughtered the competition. Its the screen. In comparing the 5.5 inch screen's brightness even in the sun. Awesome. Now comes the G2. Same kickin' screen. Even faster cpu. 2.2+ ghz. On a superior c/gpu combo. With QuickMemo which I use extensively, and the QuickSlide apps, I can, in the middle of what I'm doing, screen capture, send what I need to my team and get back to what I was doing. With all the other LG improvements. I'd say go for it.

  • Michael Duncan

I really like the LG G2, It's a very nice device! Yeah I know it's plastic, but it's very nice, I am probably going to buy the LG G2, if I am honest I don't think I will hardly ever use the power button on the back I will probably always use "Knock On" to Lock and Unlock the screen. I am very disappointed that this only came with 2GB Ram-cause all the rumours I thought it would have came with 3GB Ram, I know both versions of the Note 3 will probably come with 3GB Ram which is amazing, (Now the Note 3 shouldn't be anywhere near as laggy as the Samsung Galaxy S4,) I think like every device in 2014 will have 3GB Ram cause that's when there will be like 22nm processors, Also the IPS Display on LG G2, I am also disappointed in that, only 450 nits! like come on that's kind of terrible! I use my phone on 50% brightness so my battery last's longer and I like my "whites" on my display being nice and bright even on 50% brightness, and since the display has only 450 nits I don't think the "whites" will be that bright on 50% brightness sadly! However I saw on here it say's on 100% brightness the "whites" on HTC One are brighter than the "whites" on iPhone 5, which I don't believe cause the iPhone 5 even has a LED Backlit, I think the iPhone 5 is the only device that has LED Backlit display that's why it's so bright! For anyone who thinks by this comment I probably dislike the LG G2, I Far from dislike it, I actually really like it, I am actually waiting for it too come to UK To buy it, I just wish the Nits on it were alot brighter so the "whites" on 50% brightness would be brighter.

  • bruce

AnonD-77171, 22 Aug 2013im impressed with the performance of LG G2 i saw it from korea ,... moreme too i wil switch to lg, really tired of samsung phones.

  • AnonD-77171

im impressed with the performance of LG G2 i saw it from korea , the camera is great( detailed, sharp & very accurate colors)
the phone looks sexy beautiful.
the buttons on the back is very useful and easy to press.
super fast and the battery is great too
the sound HI-Fi quality is the best ever!!!!!

this is the best phone!