HTC One mini vs Samsung Galaxy S4 mini: Young guns

14 August 2013
Yes, you can call it Round 2 but we don’t think it’ll be up to the minis to sort out any unfinished business between the flagships. What we do know though is that taking the dispute to the junior league doesn’t mean there’ll be less pain in losing and less honor...

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  • Anonymous

S4 is the best as 4 me i wl go 4 it instataneously!

  • clive lukas

I believe its better to have a phone that will run real I will go for the. S4 mini...its a phone and a half

  • Anonymous

Samsung 4

  • syaza

wow!!!htc is more

  • AnonGuy

unfortunatelly this is some firmwere or softwere related glitch(for i know)...for now you have to hope that futures update might solve this...i heard rooting this phone really solves this problem but i dont recommend this(rooting might break your phone especially phones with knox installed like mine)

  • Kk

Shahrear, 02 Dec 2013htc one mini"s far better than s4 every ang... moreR u mad? How can u say that? Except lower screen resolution S4 mini is better than one mini in every place. Before commenting read the whole review man.

  • yousuf

plz tell me which phone is better htc one mini & samsung Galaxy S4 mini which phone faster & better tx

  • yousuf

htc one mini & samsung Galaxy S4 mini which is the better phone plz reply me tx

  • Shahrear

htc one mini"s far better than s4 every angle..\

  • asitha

What country & what place can i buy s4mini one.

  • anto

Rasta from Jamaica, 31 Oct 2013My choice would be Galaxy S4 mini MORE Ram Processor Expand... morei never put case to my phone. so i think one mini is better than s4 mini. the feature blinkfeed speaker and zoe is impresive. no phone feature like that.

  • Ravi

Hmmm - at these bloated prices, the Blackberry Z10 looks far better value.

  • Rasta from Jamaica

My choice would be Galaxy S4 mini MORE Ram Processor Expandable storage Replaceable Battery the only thing Htc has is PRETTY Looks and feel yet dont we ALL put cases on our Phones?

  • Rehan

make some leaser handset

  • Levy

richiebkml, 16 Sep 2013s4 mini z chillerThey wrapped it in a blanket and it's much warmer now.

  • Wehewan

hmmm... still waiting for Sony's mini... :)

  • AnonD-135192

cyclist , 24 Aug 2013Best comment.. Its true .. From a Samsung fanboy.

  • carlisle nicole

Is s4 mini already available in the philippines?

  • Wookie

Nexe, 19 Aug 2013And recently an upcoming "mini", a giant killer c... moreYeahh.. I'm also waiting for the Z1 Mini!!

  • ...

how the heck are these phones pioneers in putting flagship specs when these arent flagship specs and sony (ericsson) started this in 2010 all these are a copycats and very bad ones