HTC Desire 600 dual sim review: One in two

19 August 2013
With dual SIM still more or less a niche feature and considering the Desire line has been sliding down the ranks and losing value, people will have more than enough reasons to give the HTC Desire 600 dual sim the cold shoulder. Will it be deserved...

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  • XYZ

Sound quality is superb (better than my galaxy s6 edge). I am using this phone for listening music till 2020.

  • ganesh

very bad experience with this phone , worst phone :

Too Much Slow -- with 3 application only
heat too much
not able to receive call because it is hanged same time - flashed it 4 times from htc no solution still
no update -- very disappointed
cost is high .

Buy MI and Lenovo better than this awith lower cost

  • Muveen

I m using HTC desire 600 but I don't know how to use vedio calling.there is no option of Vedio calling.
Pls suggest me

  • arun

really UN feeling in this HTC desire 600 I don't no what is the stupid system I am by this phone more then two month UN till now never use because this phone not working SIM 1&sim2 what the mean

  • Aakanxa

Hey I'm also using HTC desire600 really happy with this phone,but some how my speakers are not giving proper out put,I tried to fix it up,but it just sucks now,before that was so good if my phone in pocket while in traffic I was able to hear the ring,please tell me is ur speaker out put still that loud.

  • AnonD-234370

I have HTC Desire 600 and I would say it is 3rd class phone, They have not released a single Andirod update from the released of the mobile where all other small companies basic Handset also have 4.2.2 and, HTC 500 runs on 4.2.1 version, even battery back is very bad . do not invest your hard earn money in HTC, they only provides update for HTC ONE

  • ABC

is the dual sim remains aal time active? if sim1 is active on a call than what abt sim2? does it give the notification for a call or it goes in offline mode

  • sachin

Awesome pick.. tremendous camera.. game play is also good.. battery runs around 18-22 hours on an average usage.. satisfied.. HTC gives value for money..

  • Smarter Than You

this phone is awesome.......if it was released two years ago!!!!

  • AnonD-121109

Nice phone made a complete crap for the price by still stupid htc. I don't see any reason going for it when in India, one could have superbly crafted Nokia Lumia 925, still great Xperia Z ( just $30 more ), Xperia ZR ( cheaper), any Samsung phone except S4 ( yeah, it's true ), Galaxy S4 Zoom, Lg Optimus G, and so much else. Really disappointing from HTC to price it this high considering that dual sim functionality doesn't go as nich here. Still do not learning anything. Big Failure.

  • Anonymous

awesome phone,,,
but remember desire 600 - samsung quattro = 10,000 rs.

  • AnonD-168372

I find it non-sense. Just buy other cheaper brands with dual sim but better chipset.

  • AnonD-138890

does it have gorilla glass plz let me know

  • feifei

[deleted post]Sir, learn to read properly next time.
"The HTC Desire 600 dual sim lacks a few connectivity options compared to the big HTC One - MHL and IR"

  • TAG

great dual-sim phone..
lovely design .. great sound .. very good screen .. best ui .. good battary ..
i think buy it then the other competitores.

  • AnonD-4317

what kind of entry level phone it is? Xperi SP costs ₹5k ($80) less than D600 here in India! And features an HD display and Snapdragon S4 pro chipset. So it'd be nothing less than stupidity to go for this thing.

  • AnonD-170687

Review the butterfly s not this crappy phone please. I know a lot of people would agree and been waiting for butterfly s.

  • Anonymous

"With dual SIM still more or less a niche feature and considering the Desire line has been sliding down the ranks and losing value"

not really...
if you live in Asia, you'll know that Dual SIM Android phones are common and not a niche feature at all.

  • Anonymous

i will buy this phone for my litte sister...

  • Anonymous

Nice very nice, good on ya HTC!!