Samsung Z540 review: Slim 3G clamshell

20 July 2006
In the end of last year Samsung announced their UMTS slim clamshell Z540. This review comes quite late, but yet we decided to publish one since the 3G black beauty is still an attractive proposition. The impressive display in a thin UMTS clamshell combined with a 1.3 megapixel camera makes the mobile quite an interesting market contender.

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  • Anonymous

I purchased this phone the other day and am having a difficult time making it work with Cingular. For some reason the phone is not jumping only works near my house where it was first turned on. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

  • mury

of course u can open this phone with one hand, why not. and i will prefer this to RAZR definitely

  • Ru

A agree with everything in review, but I coudn't open this phone with one hand, it's very stiff and wide, so opening it with one hand is not confortable.
Otherwise, nice phone..

  • #1!!

i just want to say 1 thing, if you see this phone in the street, the first thing you will thing, will be: RAZR