IFA 2013: Acer Liquid S2 hands-on

04 September 2013
Kicking off the festivities here at IFA 2013, Acer has given us a look at its new Acer Liquid S2 flagship. It's a 6-inch 1080p phablet that is the first to record video in the new ultra high definition 4K format. Other than that, the main camera makes 13MP stills and...

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  • nagarajreddy

Nice phone

  • AnonD-89174

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2013so...why isn't this the new NEXUS phone??we have to suffer throu... moreI hope that there will come a time for Google to choose Acer as the OEM for the next Nexus smartphone since Acer is a well known brand and is one of the blue chip companies in the world. Acer must continue this trend. They should focus on making good smartphones coz they deserve more attention than any other OEMs have with us consumers. Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony are well known smartphone brands but Acer can do much better than any of them in design and feature categories. I hope that the performance is also as good as the features on paper.

  • R

the only thing holding me from getting it is the support ( bad experience with their laptops..So Do acer update their phones regularly?!!

  • Anonymous

so...why isn't this the new NEXUS phone??we have to suffer through another LG version?this phone is a beast.

  • Anonymous

Nice phone

  • AnonD-93854

This is 4K ?? oh dear.. if it is gonna be cheaper than note 3 or g2 or sony ..it will be best..

  • Graz

If the Note 3 turns out to be a disappointment, this will easily be my choice.

  • AnonD-23064

too big but regarding the hardware is a beast. the design is pleasant.

  • m86k

AnonD-78383, 04 Sep 2013Why so big?Same specs in 5" and it becomes a must buy.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2013GS4 and LG G2 killer :)Competes with Z Ultra and Note 3, obviously.

Apart from the top mounted power button, I see another design flaw, the capacitive buttons, no bezel space beneath them, guaranteed it will be hard to play landscape orientation games without accidental exits to home screen. On the plus side they made the right button combo, I love appswitch buttons, dedicated menu buttons are so Gingerbread.

  • Anonymous

GS4 and LG G2 killer :)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-78383, 04 Sep 2013Why so big?Good news Lloyd, buying it is optional.

  • Anonymous

Very likeable device, I much rather have this than Z Ultra, quad led plus 13mp plus higher ppi and bigger battery is a no brainer. I think price will be low compared to Note 3, good, no need to pay extra for that useless pen and bloat software that don't even work well.

  • AnonD-78383

Why so big?