IFA 2013: Various brands

05 September 2013
We've already seen all the new stuff that the major smartphone brands had brought to the IFA’s floor and now it’s time to turn our attention to what lesser known brands have come to showcase - products of various caliber, which are equally interesting, but somewhat pushed out of the spotlight...

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  • Ahmad J
  • pkZ
  • 25 Mar 2016

My phone s960 , how update to lollipop 5.0 , Please

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    • Anonymous
    • 0ZJ
    • 01 Sep 2015

    i have a lenovo s960 and my front camera dosent work.i dont knaw haw to make it work i dont see dhe buton to change the camera

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      • Anonymous
      • 9DB
      • 07 Apr 2014

      Good features

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        • arg0
        • 3p5
        • 11 Sep 2013

        In what mode does an extra column of keys appear on the very right of the Yoga 2 Pro (see gsmarena_025.jpg)?
        Seriously, that picture is from another device; the first Yoga, maybe?

        Too bad, as I'd really have liked full size arrow keys and dedicated PgUp and PgDn keys. Other than that, the Yoga 2 Pro seems to fit the bill for my next laptop (I've been waiting for 6 years to upgrade!).

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          • Anonymous
          • v0q
          • 09 Sep 2013

          The idol series is the best of IFA. I like all of them

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            • Anonymous
            • utk
            • 09 Sep 2013

            halo spartan asslt. is now available for 512 mb ram on wp8

              • frh
              • 2Td
              • 06 Sep 2013

              I have lost all interest in MS or MS products. Need an alternate desktop OS.

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                • AnonD-48141
                • Hkq
                • 06 Sep 2013

                if u want smaller win8 tablet ..go get Vaio Tap 11 . Triluminos , 4gen Intel . Sony digitizer (will support adobe professional softwares and others) ,detchable keyboard etc

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                  • the_seba
                  • mMD
                  • 06 Sep 2013

                  I'm covered in my own saliva from all this drooling. This is the most spectacular device of this year, forget all Note 3's , Xperia Z1's and unannounced iPad's /iPhones. This, this is the best thing ever. Panasonic needs to come up with a Wacom-like unpowered pressure sensitive pen though. Not to mention lowering the price but than can be forgiven for now because it's a pioneer device. This and Photoshop, the possibilities are endless. Much better than Cintiq tablets.

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                    • posanjit
                    • tUd
                    • 06 Sep 2013

                    amaazing yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

                      What?? i5?? That's nice..

                        Hopefully there is a backpack made to carry it.

                          • M
                          • MisterCats
                          • RHT
                          • 05 Sep 2013

                          I'd probably have a lot of fun with a Toughpad. I can also create a monitor mount and have a nice all-in-one going.