LG G2 review: Beautiful monster

07 September 2013
While other companies were bracing for war at the IFA 2013 expo and lining up their latest phablets, LG is getting ready to launch the G2 flagship. The Korean manufacturer did a few cool tricks to promote the beast, like shooting the Earth from the...

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  • Abdullah

Anonymous, 19 Apr 2019Still using after 5 years with lineage os android 9. Works ... moreWOW , you're LEGEND

I'm trying to find this in somewhat good shape , It's my absolute best smartphone ever

Typing sadly from my LG G8 , cause LG gone now 😔

  • Anonymous

Sony Fanboy Bitches, 28 Oct 2017Funny to see this 4 year old phone records audio in stereo,... moreThis is not fun you have a chinese mobile

  • Anonymous

Still using after 5 years with lineage os android 9. Works perfect. :)

Funny to see this 4 year old phone records audio in stereo, while the latest and greatest, and also the "most innovative smartphone of the year" settles for mono. LMAO how advanced Androids are.


lg g2 is better than g3,g4,g5,htc m8,and galasy s5.

  • skiffman

I have had my LG G2 smartphone for 4 years now and it still works like the day I bought it. Battery got a little weak but still goes all day. I can do everything the apple phones do and more. And it all free apps. Great phone like a big beautiful tank and just as tough. Great product.

  • AnonD-608312

I bought this used phone for $ 65, the phone is a great view of the fact that there's a three and a half years, doing better than some newer phones.display have excellent paint beautiful, the processor pushes all applications without braking, the only drawback is there is no memory card.

  • Prakash

Lg g2 32gb null setting

  • Jeyaprakash jp

I'll use still but still i have some problem in that lg g2 mobile battery over heat and display has not proper

  • G6 user

Vlad, 20 Apr 2016Last night I received my LG G2 and everything turned out as... moreu need to be more specific .... 6-7 hours but on screen time or overall usage even not touching the device .... because I cant get between 2-3 days with a single charge and get between 5-6 hours of screen on time with a mix usage lets say w-fi for browser and youtube and mobile data for litthe browse and wassap .... so if u are talking about screen on time wich is the rate u get on stings then yes it is fine but if u are getting battery from 100 - 30 % or below in 1 day in a mix usage then there is something wrong ofcourse ...if u charged the phone from 0% - 100 % and then u start using it for continued 4- 5 hours then is normal to be reduced to 20 % or even less since u have been using the phone non stop.....

  • Vlad

Last night I received my LG G2 and everything turned out as expected, the only thing that I noticed at the end of the day, was that the battery life was consuming too fast, when I say this is 6-7 hours of using Whatssap and sometimes YouTube, is this normal or is something wrong with my LG G2?

  • G5 user

AnonD-467784, 22 Nov 2015I have flashed cloudy srom on my g2.will it get slow or am ... morecloudy is plagged by bugs .... we should request to lg to issue atleast 5.1.1 with G4 ux features.

  • AnonD-467784

I have flashed cloudy srom on my g2.will it get slow or am i safe?

  • AnonD-467784

AnonD-52302, 18 Nov 2015What's the endurance, 62h or 82h?The endurance is 62 hours. You can see everything on this linkhttp://blog.gsmarena.com/lg-g2-battery-tests-are-done-here-are-the-results/

  • AnonD-467784

AnonD-316639, 07 Oct 2014I am using g2 802 in Pakistan and also have 3g coverage whe... moreIf u are using mobilink you should get an option while on data.i do get it.u can also toggle in the settings and see what u can do

  • AnonD-52302

What's the endurance, 62h or 82h?

  • AnonD-449630

ahmed kfc, 07 Sep 2014i'm in egypt and i want to buy the korean version >> ... morei have the korian model ls 980 and is working ( sprint network )
there are problems regarding updating and you will need an app to make wireless data working called apn change but it works perfectly with me .
its the best phone i have ever buy.

  • M.Sarwar Baloch

I m using lg f320l
What a great & good cellular phone
I m a teacher & it is providing me all my necessaries
Weldon LG
Keep it on

  • Heavy reader

I bought this one because GSM ARENA buyer guide told me so.
The fact is those buyer guide simply understandable.
I dont like LG, but this phone open my mind that LG is rather underrated.
The back button solved my anger about accidental pressing of side button in my previous phone.

  • lg g2

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2013non removable battery or memory card expansion = NO BUY. ... morethen no phone will work for u atleast beauty designed.... u should go for a boring but still good looking xperia z series or look for cat devices able to resit dust and water buddy even u can dive with them with no worries.. pull out battery and wait no more.