Microsoft Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro: Hands-on

23 September 2013
Microsoft is presenting two new Surface tablets, saying "reinventing the wheel is not the goal, making it better is." This better wheel of theirs features a more powerful chipset, improved battery life, better screen, more ports, even the accessories are better.

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  • AnonD-186952

AnonD-204427, 08 Nov 2013I am trying to purchase a Pro 2 with 512GB in HK through th... morethey have 512 gb version also

  • AnonD-204427

I am trying to purchase a Pro 2 with 512GB in HK through the preferred retailers (like Suning and Fortress)but I was told not only would I be able to order it, but also that they do not know how to order it from Microsoft. One of the retailers even advertised that they can supply both the 256 and 512. But in fact they only carry the 64 and 128.

I spoke with Microsoft HK, and after escalating my case, they told me that they do not plan to carry or market the 512. And they have to pre-order the 256GB.

If this is the case, I will eventually turn to other vendors. And Microsoft expects to sell 14MM tablets by year-end with this kind of strategy? Good luck.

Now what windows 8 tablets or hybrid should I look at next? Lenovo? Sony? Any thoughts?

  • AnonD-77875

microsoft has really improved surface from the previous version... the tablet with these kind of specs is surely appreciable and definitely worth checking out...

  • Aye

Observer, 29 Sep 2013I went to Microsoft store in California and checked the Sur... moreYou was able to test battery life when you go to Microsoft store?
How amazing....
I thought no one can do that.

  • William

Great device!! this kind of high spec device we all need it for play and work..
cheer MS keep it up the great job and well done..

  • AnonD-70078

love my surface pro to bits.

  • mobile

no GSM simcard slot??

  • Observer

I went to Microsoft store in California and checked the Surface 2 Pro. It was one live, demo. Here are my findings:

1. The screen of Surface 2 Pro is blurry when using the Smaller fonts, the minimum size with native 1920 by 1080 pixels resolution. Comparing with old Surfice Pro, the old one has very sharp, crispy fonts for the same settings. No chance to make them sharp, either the video driver is bad or more probable Window 8.1 screwed up the clear type font rendering. The old Surfice Pro used Windows 8 not 8.1.

2. The trackpad for the new backlit typecover is now the same as for touchcover that means non mechanical, without physical buttons and it has an abrasive surface, the whole material now around the keys of typecover is now like of the one for touchcover, as suede, rough. The old typecover has a material like smooth rubber, much more ergonomic and pleasant at touch.

3. Typecover leaks light among keys. Touchover does not leak light, it is beautiful with backlit but it is hard to type on it.

4. Surface 2 Pro still has fans that make noise and get overheated. The battery does not last much longer than the old one.

  • WIlliam

Surface pro 2 is absolutely great and innovative device with compatible spes as well. Still have room for improvement to replace laptop, its a true facts that we all use Microsoft OS and device uses for works around the world.
Keep it up the good job and well done..

  • fyre

really nice spec that surface pro 2.
however I won't buy until I'm sure it can dual-boot or install other OS on it.
mind you I don't want to buy a $1000+ locked down portable pc. :)

  • AnonD-34979

Is it only Microsoft that knows how to put a FULL USB port in a 8.9mm thin tablet? Ipad 4 is 9.4mm

  • AnonD-70018

eddy, 24 Sep 2013More than 30pct to expensive. I am afraid for what Nokia is... more. . . This has nothing to do with Nokia's Phablet?

  • eddy

More than 30pct to expensive. I am afraid for what Nokia is asking for the pablet. The quality is - I asume - top, but in 6 month it is out dated and everybody is waiting for a new release/product.

  • AnonD-185765

Portability and Flexibilty of a tablet and power and productivity of a laptop. Microsoft presents Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro tablets. Check out the review here

  • tomakali

Extremely good laptop
this cant be a mass product
only for the niche consumers
average laptop users who needs 8GB RAM + min 1TB HDD cant get this. for them its just a fancy expensive toy...

  • AnonD-80553

AnonD-189818, 23 Sep 2013faster than 95% of laptops, now wait, how so.... the proces... moreLaptops have not gotten any significantly improvements in CPU/GPU power the past years in the most sold models - budget laptops.

The Surface 2 Pro is significantly better than a average budget laptop and it does offer the same OS (Windows 8), not a simplified mobile OS like Android or Windows RT.

I have a Win 8 tablet, much weaker than the Surface 2 Pro, that I use as my main PC. My laptop just got retired and passed on to someone else. No need for it anymore. Big and bulky in comparison.

  • AnonD-100836


  • Jack Aussie

Great - the top of the range is cheaper than my top shelf Sony of last year. I will certainly get this. It is far better than anything around at the moment. Will need a few accessories but will not need them all the time. Look forward to Pro2 with the works.

  • Anonymous

I really wonder about the Remix Cover, has MS seriously reworked the audio stack for RT? Or is it really only targeted at the Pro version?
WinRT (the base for Metro/Modern UI, and thus also Windows RT apps), had some serious latency issues (signlas passing the mixer, and the MS staff accepting a level that would be ok for video-calls but never music prodution).

If this has changed, well, MS would have made a very good choice... But they still need partners... I would say they should partner upp with Ableton, to do some great products... Having devices show up in music videos and on stage, can really help the MS brand.

  • UnKnown

What's the point of making a surface pro 2 , the "old" surface pro which is very new in specs was good enough ,and it was the best tablet in the market (after razer edge) . Anyway i know companies make new products because the old ones get out-dated , but the surface pro will take about 3-4 years to get outdated.