Apple iPhone 5s review: Step by step

27 September 2013
It’s that time of year again and Apple’s in the usual record-breaking mood at the box-office. This is an S year in the Cupertino calendar but different enough – it may be that two phones instead of one account for almost...

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  • Anonymous

Iphone 5s

  • hakan

SE 3 would be perfect in this case,
fast and strong.

NikiDroid, 04 Jul 2017Yes iPhone SE is still expensive. Maybe, if you have an cre... morePlease how is it done, how do I go about it thanks.

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Anonymous, 23 Jul 2019iPhones 5sIt sucks

  • Ade

Syed Abu Bakar jilla, 02 Apr 2019He is the very very best mobileHow is the front camera? Can it give a decent selfy

  • Anonymous

Syed Abu Bakar jilla, 02 Apr 2019He is the very very best mobilehow and why

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Syed Abu Bakar jilla, 02 Apr 2019He is the very very best mobileiPhones 5s

  • Syed Abu Bakar jilla

He is the very very best mobile

  • Anonymous

Reynaldo, 21 Jun 2018I still have iphone 5S i want to know if its possible not t... moreget a nw phone!!!!!!!

  • mdyousuf

This is iphone 5s orginal or not

  • Vishnu

is there in VOTE specification

  • Reynaldo

I still have iphone 5S i want to know if its possible not to update my software im afraid that my iphone going to slow connection to the server. Is it true and what can i do? Please i need your response.

  • Sayed

is thear any OTG connection in Iphone 5s

I am using iPhone 5s iOS 11 Public beta 8, received update from Sep 1, 2017. So far I use it overall is good. There were some change in icon apps, like iCloud app (it renamed with Files now, and the shape is like file manager). There also new app name, Feedback. This Feedback app is a place for users report bug, problem, they found along using iOS 11 beta.
Menu Settings also gets little change, has new name menu, named Shutdown, highlighted by blue text. In the assistive touch menu, there are 2 new extras: SOS and restart. They are good offer I think, so users can do restart their iPhone without pressing power on/off buton.

Siri icon is changed too, looks beautiful. Works fine when I tried. First, I upgraded my iPhone from iOS 10.3.3 to iOS 11 Public beta because I got twice random shutdown when I was on the way by motorcycle. It shutdown itself and I should press and hold power on/off + home button together for more than 5 seconds to make the phone wake up.
First version I get from iOS 11 Public beta was 4. It had many problems, like Contact got hang if I highlight one of name from Contacts, Siri didn't work everytime I told on my phone, screen rotation didn't work and Contact search menu didn't appear any suggestion name. But all of these problems had been removed in iOS 11 Public beta 5. After several days the ipdate of iOS 11 Public beta is keep up to date, given by Apple, beta 6, beta 7 and first September this year Public beta 8. I am so excited so far that Apple so support its iOS.

Like I said before, overall the phone works very well, no problem found. Let's what the next update, would it be still iOS 11 beta or final iOS 11.
If you would like to try iOS 11 Public beta, just go to Apple beta program website, sign in with your Apple ID, and click enrolled device from Safari, from there you will download Apple Beta Profile, installs it, after reboot, go to Settings, About, Update software, there will be new update appear. Download it and wait the phone finished booting.

  • Akash

NikiDroid, 27 Jun 2017There is something wrong with your iPhone, maybe because th... moreAbsolutely Right

  • laddi

basit, 20 Dec 2016Please tell what is the best choice of i phone 5s and redmi... moreRedmi note 3 is best than iPhone 5s

Bruce, 19 Apr 2017updating phone than it went black..........any suggestions.... moreTry to do force restart ny pressing home and power button together and hold the buttons until the iPhone restart. My iPhone was once hang (black screen and icon loading). It was happen when I downloaded game on Appstore. But after I did force restart, it back to normal again. It is iOS 10.3.2 now.

Eliot , 08 Apr 2017I am a huge fan of the iPhone 5s because it is an affordabl... moreYes iPhone SE is still expensive. Maybe, if you have an credit card that support for payment installation per month 0%, it would cheaper than pay full payment.

Bossy Gee, 13 Apr 2017Please somebody help me my IPHONE 5s battery fucked up and ... moreThere is something wrong with your iPhone, maybe because the battery. I bought iPhone 5s several days ago, no complaint for battery.

AnonD-679584, 24 Jun 2017Very useless! Nothing you can do better with small screen ... moreThe 4" inch screen yes not good for typing, streaming and gaming, but the specs are still good for daily use, almost no hang, it is still fast.