Apple iPhone 5s vs. LG G2 vs. Nokia Lumia 1020: War of the worlds

8 October 2013
You know what they say – three is a crowd. On a second thought though, no one here’s got romance on their mind. The three-horse race has had its highs and lows, but it’s the playoffs and we got a front-row seat. Each phone here will look...

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  • iphone 5s

Iphone 5s

  • meddie

lg 2 is just a very nice phone...,.
just too nice

  • On

Satish, 21 May 2016I like Apple Deleted iCloud

  • Ashiq

iphone5s is best smartphone

  • Satish

I like Apple

  • rameil

mas gzto q ung microsoft

  • Stiffy

Apple iPhone 5s is the king baby
No one can compete with it
Its sexy looking smartphone
Performance is very high

  • Anonymous

Why didn't you add a Android phone?

  • Anonymous

lumia1020 is best :) thanks

  • abc

Lumia 1020 is absolutely brilliant!

  • Amit Kumar Sharma

Waw Best Mobile

  • roylado

jojo, 12 Jun 2014iphone 5s best smartphone ever...Yaa!!u r right but iPhone is soo costly with there comparison between.. Lumia and lg

  • izzul

Sam, 30 Apr 2014Lg g2 is the of lumia 1020 is problematic. I... are right

  • AnonD-332900

After using it for 1 year :

In my opinion LG G2 is the best than the other candidates.
The Knock on feature is really useful for me, the multimedia support is superb.
least but not last, battery life is awesome.


  • AnonD-297545

mashiana, 04 Jun 2014I think that iphone 5s is the best smart phone everI think it ISN'T. How coul you think that such a crappy smallphone is the best smartphone ever!!!!! LG rules overall...

  • Avon

LG Nexus 5 takes th
is one,no doubt.

  • AnonD-215925

GeForce GT, 08 Apr 2014I want a phone that has a camera like 1020,expandable memor... moreProject Ara for u :D u can customize every hardware part

  • AnonD-215925

Arou Mawien Cle, 15 Jan 2014i think Lumia 1020 wins follow by iphone than LGCamera, Camcorder Best - > Lumia 1020
Performance, Software Best -> G2
Ripping of money Best -> iphone

  • Tusher

GeForce GT, 08 Apr 2014I want a phone that has a camera like 1020,expandable memor... moreYeah ne too!

  • jojo

iphone 5s best smartphone ever...