Six-way camera shootout: Smartphone roulette

11 October 2013
Camera shootouts are a proud GSMArena tradition and the latest edition features by far the most technologically advanced cameraphones yet. We have large sensors, sky-high resolution, optical image stabilization, clever image processing and...

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  • Johhny Pest
  • vxn
  • 24 Jan 2014

Will the shootout be updated when the software updates on the android phones arrive?

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    • AnonD-58102
    • ppj
    • 10 Jan 2014

    Lumia 1020's images are too over-sharpened and grainy. It could use some softening like 808 PureView.

    LG G2's pictures look strange. They look like a Photoshop filtre effect has been applied to them, like a mild application of "Accented Edges" effect.

    Note 3's pictures look a bit like that too. I hope it won't turn into a trend with new cameras.

    iPhone's camera is very balanced, it does not resolve as much detail as G2 or Note 3 but, it does not have the Photoshop effect look either.

    Z1's camera is very good, definitely beats everything except Lumia 1020. But, it has that very "Sony" look, grain. If Sony fixed that, it'd be fantastic.

    HTC continues it's tradition of garbage cameras. HTC's images are terrible.

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      • TLT~L
      • IA}
      • 20 Dec 2013

      I really liked the comparison, but there were some comparisons that I was hoping to see. for example was practically no lighting pictures (concert settings, dimly lit restaurants etc.) and videos and how people do with Selfies in good light low light no light flash on and off and while recording. I'm in the market for a new phone and it would have been nice to have those as well.

      I thought I wanted an LG or the Galaxy S3, but it looks like Lumia is the way to go.

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        • We Do Review
        • v0q
        • 20 Dec 2013

        Lumia 1020 clearly wins in every aspect, :) no doubt the best camera phone this year

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          • AnonD-216011
          • N80
          • 17 Dec 2013

          Premium costs, 27 Nov 2013Well i owned 4 of these babys And i take alot of action ... moreWish you gave 1020 a chance. I have one and my initial assessment.when I first tried it out in the store is I wasn't terribly impressed. I eventually bought it, about s week or so later. The picks I have gotten with this device a truly amazing. Incredible.
          I have honestly been surprised at the quality of the images the 1020 produces. Pleasantly impressed.

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            • AnonD-216011
            • N80
            • 17 Dec 2013

            RedDevil, 15 Dec 201341mp ??? That is way highEr than most didgital handheld cam... moreHi Red Devil:
            I would presume there are several reason went so large with the sensor, making it far lager than competitors.
            The foremost reason being what the sensor size in conjunction with the 6 elelmnet Ziess lens system, real OIS a xenon flash and custom algorithms could do to collect an immense amount of data and process it for great and highly detailed shots and for post processing and editing without losing a lot of data/image quality. Its not so much about the high pixel count but what al the factors of the pure view imageing system, the software and hardware could do together. Though there have been a lot of comparisons that place some of the cameras on other devices on par with the 1020 or better, they often overlook the true photographic merit it has over the other devices, which Nokia deliberately included, which provides incredible range of editing and post processing of images. When wiehjing simply as a shoot and post camera the true merits of the camera are not fully acknowledged.


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              • RedDevil
              • 3sE
              • 15 Dec 2013

              41mp ??? That is way highEr than most didgital handheld cameras. Ithink the next highest mp on a phone I think is 13mp. I just confusing why a manufacturer would bring a phone with a camera that has more than double the mp than the next best manufacturer? Also according me. The higher the mp the bigger the file size would be for each photo. So then memory would become a issue too? Cam somebody pleace assist with proper photgrapic advice.

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                • AnonD-202213
                • Pjj
                • 13 Dec 2013

                Yes,Galaxy Note 3 have a great camera.
                Shame to Sony that would like to be in second place.
                The Galaxy Note 3 is a gorgeous phone, 3 weeks with my hands on it and i am still impressed..

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                  • Rdmkr
                  • mFM
                  • 08 Dec 2013

                  long story short, if you had just gone by the numbers of megapixels you would have gotten the quality ordering almost right (note 3 being the only exception).

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                    • AnonD-88274
                    • Lbi
                    • 06 Dec 2013

                    Anonymous, 07 Nov 2013Htc one lways win with these competition because it has the... morehtc one is the best for you because you're using it.. maybe if you're using 5s, 1020, etc., you will also say the same...

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                      • Babu
                      • KAe
                      • 04 Dec 2013

                      Samsung Note3 is the best of the camera some options are not excellent but overall it'svery good camera phone.It's really nice phone.

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                        • Premium costs
                        • gJ7
                        • 27 Nov 2013

                        Well i owned 4 of these babys

                        And i take alot of action Pics and have kid WHOs running around playing
                        For example in medium to low light the lgg2 is Almost impossible to get decent pictures with
                        Htc one the same, the galaxy note was pretty ok bit to big for me..
                        iPhone 5s camera is superior when it comes to speed and focus and coloir accurate...
                        Tried the lumina 1020 in an store.. The focus was terrible slow and the phone has an clumpsy hump on the back
                        my friends z1 is ok but still very hard to take pics when stuff is moving a little..
                        I'm so happy I gave the iPhone 5s the chance.. Got is many cool pics that is sharp and crisp

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                          • firestarter
                          • 7sk
                          • 18 Nov 2013

                          I've got the 1020 and the shots are amazingly detailed! the off white contrasting is noticeable, but with the flash working most the time its rarely in any shots

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                            • Anonymous
                            • 4QS
                            • 16 Nov 2013

                            AnonD-131593, 14 Nov 2013Thanks for the hardwork but there are alot of critical fact... moreI agree there are many factors, but it would take much longer more extensive reviews to cover everything.

                            As far as the One goes. The UP is no gimmick. The tech is a great idea and has many advantages. The low light is great and the per pixel count is very nice. The only problem is that it is indeed very low res. It's held back by resolution not by bad technology. Large pixels are useful. Of course it has it's short coming and at least 8mp would help. Improvements are needed and it is not my favorite...But the potential is definitely there.

                            Can't wait to see an underwater review and more from the 1520

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                              • AnonD-131593
                              • vL5
                              • 14 Nov 2013

                              Thanks for the hardwork but there are alot of critical factor which user need to experience themselves . For instance ,focus speed which i found slow in g2 and lumia 1020 , little hand shake will produce blurry pic . Most sample photos from review are mostly shoot carefully or some even may use tripod . After reading so many praised reviews of htc one , i spent long time adjusting setting to make sure if i’m not missing something but the truth is htc1’s Ultrapixel or whatever gimmick , which fail badly for me .

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                                • Anonymous
                                • XuB
                                • 13 Nov 2013

                                Nokia lumia1020 is the best

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • 4QS
                                  • 11 Nov 2013

                                  Anonymous, 10 Nov 2013Why there's no under.water.shot test?!Hopefully soon!

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • sEA
                                    • 10 Nov 2013

                                    Why there's no under.water.shot test?!

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 0I4
                                      • 09 Nov 2013

                                      So yellow tint make 1020 best in low light.

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                                        • bean
                                        • Mf7
                                        • 08 Nov 2013

                                        annon, 06 Nov 2013why do all the close photos taken on the 1020 seem to be fu... more...i think it was described in page 2, that lumia 1020 have wider field of view...