Rumor: premium Samsung Galaxy Watch X will be unveiled in late June with better battery life

Peter, 27 May 2024

We’ve been hearing rumors the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch7 series will feature three versions with a new premium tier dubbed “Ultra”. But that might not be the branding that Samsung has settled on – the premium watch might be called “Samsung Galaxy Watch X” instead.

That’s not all – the watch will compete head-to-head with the Apple Watch Ultra series (maybe that’s why Samsung wanted to move away from the “Watch7 Ultra” name) and diving will be a key factor.

The Galaxy Watch X will reportedly be water resistant up to 100m (330ft), which is the same water resistance rating as the Apple Watch Ultra (and its sequel). Note that water resistance is given as a pressure rating (which is why you sometimes see it measured in atmospheres), the actual depth that you can achieve is lower than that – 40m (130ft) in the case of the Apple watch (and presumably the Samsung watch too).

Speculative renders of the Samsung Galaxy Watch7 Ultra/Watch X Speculative renders of the Samsung Galaxy Watch7 Ultra/Watch X

Anyway, the X is supposed to have better battery life than its siblings, up to 100 hours (which is around 4 days of autonomy). For comparison, the Galaxy Watch6 Classic claims up to 40 hours battery life, the Watch5 Pro (which had a larger battery) claimed up to 80 hours and the Apple Watch Ultra 2 promises 36 hours.

Part of that is likely the new and improved Exynos W1000 (which might be Samsung’s first mass-market 3nm chip), but it looks like the Watch X will have a bigger battery too – at least compared to the Classic. South Korean regulators certified a 578mAh battery vs. 425mAh on the Watch6 Classic and 573mAh on the Watch5 Pro (note: these are rated capacities).

The Samsung Galaxy Watch X will be unveiled on July 24 (and not July 10 as some early reports claimed), according to, which revealed the “Watch X” name and other details. It won’t be alone, of course, we expect to see the proper launch of the Galaxy Ring and the next generation of foldables too.

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Reader comments

  • Samsung Watch user
  • 29 May 2024
  • 4@b

Huawei has the best battery watch period...I have the last 3 premium samsung watches but once I tried my huawei watch, I stopped using was that obvious to me the difference.

  • Anonymous
  • 28 May 2024
  • 0cB

While you say that Huawei has everything it is limited compared by Apple and Samsung. I'm not saying it is bad but just limited.

  • Fliplife
  • 28 May 2024
  • PSL

That's the watch pro. Which is better than the AW tbh.

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