Sagem my521x

Sagem my521x

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  • Zak

Jonkman, 13 Jun 2015I want to unlock my mobile-simcard. What can 1 do?SIM card is locked

  • Jonkman

Anonymous, 03 Dec 2012need for internet settingsI want to unlock my mobile-simcard.
What can 1 do?

  • Anonymous

need for internet settings

  • AnonD-67454

Internet can open the phone?

  • AnonD-67454

Internet can open the phone?

  • eri

Internet can open the phone?

  • Anonymous

Internet can open the phone?

  • Zmaj

iki, 26 Jan 2010can sb tell me how to minimize ther player,I've just got my mobi... moreSo have you figured out how to minimize the player?

  • Jhon

they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
It looks good, it has clear sound. I like it.Ok, people can have different opinions on what they like as a good looking phone(design) I don't like nokia's design.Just because it's nokia doesn't mean i have to like the way it looks.It's a good honest phone for it's price and it's not pretending to be something else.

  • edgen

i like the design
hope i will come to philippines
i cant see SAGEM brand here

  • iki

can sb tell me how to minimize ther player,I've just got my mobile for my b-day i don't now how to use it:S:S:S

  • Fiona

I am about to buy a Sagem my521x and am looking forward to getting it. I agree with Megan - I love Sagem. They look brilliant, do everything you want them to do and are great value for money.

I had a couple of Nokia's before discovering Sagem and had no end of problems with them and was relieved to by a phone that worked so have stuck with Sagem ever since and have never had any problems. I'd recommend them to everyone.

  • mr got crap fone

Alex, 02 May 2009Help please! My sagem my521x does not play mp3 files at all! ... moreif the music is on the micro SD then take it out and put it back in if not i dont no

  • Megan

lol, 24 Mar 2009lol they guys who want to have sagem never had sagem before i am... moreAre you sure you didn't get some crappy and cheap illegal copies of SAGEM phones from China suburbs? Because compared to you my 3 Sagem phones must be from different planet because I am happy, they are top quality and I never had any issue with any of those, except with my 501x that had once blinking issue but I read the manual that said if this accrues reset the battery, works as new. my 4 years with SAGEM phones are really good, after SAGEM I just can't stand to look at Nokia, how stupid i was to think that Nokia is the best, after my experimentations I would go with Sony Ericsson or SAGEM phones, for me these are the best ones, then Samsung and LG.

Anyway, I think you don't have original SAGEM phones and your supply is faking them, other than corrupted phones I just can't agree with you except that sometimes some models from SAGEM are slow in specific cases, however compared to the price you get high quality product and the same quality products from better recognized manufacturers would cost triple the price you pay for SAGEM. Did you ever try LG K500? It is well designed with good menu, but after some time it becomes slow and sometimes sound disappear, 3 from 7 sms are not being sent and sit in the outbox. Handwriting recognition isn't good, but you can live with it. If you know your phone, then you know where it can fail you, then you keep an eye, it is like a pet. Even when those issues with LG k500 caused me a lot of trouble I still think it is a good phone, it has a lot of strengths.

Next time (if) you buy, check your source before you make the deal. And if you don't like SAGEM so much, why you have 5 products form SAGEM? if you are reviewer and tester, you might have unfinished pre-beta or beta versions.
if you don't like it, it will never wok good because you will see only bad things. For instance i like SAGEM and Sony Ericsson production and I never have big issues with them, I hate Nokia and I only see how Nokia phones breaks or their OS is filled with errors and stuff. yesterday my friend broke his Nokia phone, all he had to do was to have it in jeans pocket and squat. The phone construction isn't good, because due to little pressure made by jeans the protective display glass squashed the display, my opinion about Nokia phones fell even more, but other people find it to be the top product. But I am sure I would never want any Nokia phone even for free. And do i go around Nokia section and tell how awful Nokia is? I find it more reasonable to choose what you like and enjoy the product. You didn't had success with this brand, go to another one. SAGEM for me was a success, there fore if I need a new phone and have a chance to buy SAGEM I choose SAGEM, if there are no SAGEM products, then SE, the key is to like. Otherwise you can have most expensive and most adored product, but if you will not like it and enjoy it, it will be terrible.

  • Anonymous

is it good

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Apr 2009How do you get any data from this phone onto the PC. do you need... morethis is an awesome phone!!
Im getting it from the carphone warehouse (only for temperarely) and soon getting an iphone. but this'll do for now!!


HeavyMetal, 08 Feb 2009Whare to Download free games for this phone??If anyone is trying to download games on sagem then try on

  • Mailman

Anonymous, 29 Apr 2009How do you get any data from this phone onto the PC. do you need... moreBuy bluetooth.

  • Alex

Help please!

My sagem my521x does not play mp3 files at all! "denied" it says all the times....then: vibration is always on in silent mode, even If I choose the no vibration option. What is that? Thanks

  • Anonymous

How do you get any data from this phone onto the PC. do you need a USB cable? If so where can i get one? PLEASE TELL ME SOMEONE!!