Sagem my600V

Sagem my600V

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  • Jogoo

Is reasiving applicatiom but is not found in any of the file

  • AnonD-19193

Only latest firmware version of Sagem my600v will work with a 2GByte MiniSD card. Earlier firmware work with 1GB maximum. Anybody can supply to me the latest firmware?

  • Dipak Singh

I have myX6-2 but I am unable to find key pad and fresia and key pad because its broken.I stay in India (Kolkata) Kindly help

  • Gift phone(my600v)ceases when i browse.and does not download games free

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  • Solomon

what do i do to the phone when its telling me system initialization in progress which caused the message, my files, browser and music player not to open. I've taken it to many engineers but they couldn't do anything to it. please help me out. i need your help urgently.

  • awudu

Solomon, 28 May 2008i want to transfer music from other from through my bluetoo... morei hv jst decoded the phone but the battery can keep longer as a thought what shd i do

  • Solomon

i want to transfer music from other from through my bluetooth but it fail. i used more than three phone yet the same so what do i do?

  • nnamdi

i transfered a picture to my my600v phone via bluetooth but it hanged my phone up to date. what will i do?

  • francis onukogu

hi, my name is francis, i am from nigeria. i saw sagem my600v in the market and i fall in love with it so i bought it. but sagem my600v dont have headset,[ear phone]. i need to have or buy the ear phone, please help.

  • Larisa Tomy

How can i make mt headsets work they don;t work i can't pair the headset with the phone

  • Paul

I just bought mine and I can say it is quite good for the money i payed on it. But today i found some problems with it. If I do too many things at once with it(like playing music and taking a photo), it locks up then it restarts. Vodafone gave me with it a Bluetooth Headset and when i play music if someone calls it interrupts the music but when the call is finished i have to disconnect the headset and reconnect it to be able to listen to music again. This kind of sucks. This kind of sucks. Before I had a Myx 5-2 and it had similar problems. I thought the company had resolved those issues and gotten smarter. Guess I was wrong.

  • woolly

i was wondering if this phone has folder lock: so i can lock my folders with a pin or something??
please help!!!

  • Diizzy

it doesn't have a secondary video call camera but it has the option to make a video call .. I think it uses the primary camera for video calls..

  • andrei

how i make this phone heard louder?

  • H2k

pls how can i install java and it will be working in my phone through usb

  • uktester01

This phone repeatedly locks up. Have had to restart it several times already.

  • Lucy

Omg they practically stole the design from the o2 Ice!!

  • idunno

um...wheres the video call cam?

  • Anonymous

i love it got it for ma birthday and its not like the o2 ice , this is betta

  • jack

i was just wondering if the phone was good with playing music and if it has an sd slot so i can get more memory for more pics and more videos and song.
plz help i want a new phone and im really interested in this phone but i want a reliable 1 plz help me !!!!!!!!!