Sagem my730c

Sagem my730c

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  • Anonymous

the manual is not in english i cannot understand to use display on the front screen

  • Gio

The usb port is not miniUSB, but the standard Sagem port.

  • Davidoff

Sagem had stopped making phone a few years because they have reached such a high end quality point, that none of the latest phone made by them had broked. so for a few years, the did't had what to sell, all the phones made in 2003-2004-2005 the are still working like new ones. srry 4 the bad english

  • jorge

sagem makes phones by other brands, vodafone, porsche, pquadro, hello kitty, bratz, lulu castaƱete, agnes b, roxy, sony ericsson, puma, etc. sagem makes good phones, have good manufacturing, and good software.

  • rajesh

chut jevo che loda

  • DanSixx

Why are Sagem making phones again? Come on, seriously. All Sagems are aimed at the teeniebopper market and die after 6 months... Just... Why?