Sagem MY C-5w

Sagem MY C-5w

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  • kirk chris

it look very nice

  • pete

'hey' mr sagem hater or should i say mr 3310.try a my x 7 and maybe learn something.

  • sagem haterz!!!

this fone is a load of sh** as u can see!!! the colour is total rubbish coz it has 256 and it is totally out of its date! duz n e 1 agree wiv me e-mail me and join my haterz club NOW1 wat u waitin 4????

  • alexa gabriel

tell me the price

  • Leonard Okoroama

I am a lover of sagem products.Have been using sagem phone ever since i started using GSM handset.Please send specifications of your latest models to me to enable me make choice.thanks.Engr. Leonard Okoroama

  • nikola

can you write me the prize for this
MY C-5w

  • anwer Ali

i use so many brand cell phone but sagem hi top over all by look wise and specially by features it's excellent i love sagem mobile phones

  • Eugene Hosoga

would you like more ideas on what the next generation sagem phones should do? call me i will sure want to help

  • Eugene Hosoga

would you like more ideas on what the next generation phones should do?

  • Vasilena

It is great!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!I want that phone!!!!!

  • KilliK

Looks like it's just a MY-X 5 with a flip cover...

The design is nice though.
But it's true that its features are awfully outdated.
I don't think it's fair to compare it to a Samsung v200 as it costs twice the price of this Sagem. But if you consider the cheaper Samsung SGH-C100 with its 65k colours display and 40 voices ringtones, buying a MY C-5w will definitely leave you with a bitter feeling...

This Sagem should have been released one year ago!!

  • Maverick

256 colours, only 101 x 80 pixels - that sucks. Don't get it, young guys.

  • Anonymous

what is this shit 256 colours.
are companys crazy or what.

  • eddstarr

hey im the firt 1 2 post a message on this phone. neways this fone is crap, the design is great but the features are out of its date. it only has a 256 colour display (i have a samsung v200 with 65,000 display) the polyphonic ringtones are only 16 voice tones while phones nowadays have 40 or 24. i could go on but hav 2 go i giv this fone a 4/10 overall. very crap!!