Sagem MY V-55

Sagem MY V-55

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  • colinjj

i have cost 160euro in ireland where i got it.fantastic value for money

  • Ashley Donald

its a really good phone its the best phone ive seen

  • Denise

I think its good for viewing my heros, the mayo football team

  • johannes

Price in belgium: 169 euro

  • steffen

price in germany: 129 euro with a D2 CallYa card

  • The Observeur

Finally we go something new and good in the market.I hope soon we can get it here in Brazil too,we are just tired to so only junkies and ugly Nokias phones in the market.I hope you French keep doing the good job.So someone knows where can i get more information about this little powerful machine like a Ferrari?

  • jojo

this is the best telepfhone I ve ever seen in my live. wat's the price???
thanks anyway

  • andre

I really think this is a very good mobile fhone and I think I am going to buy this beautiful mobile phone because my other is crasht. kind regards Andre

  • Manh

Kindly give me the prices list of them!
Thanks anyway.

  • Anonymous


  • The Observeur

This phone looks great and i think is time to get something new and good in the market coz we are all tired of Nokia´s dodge junkies phones.

  • Balogh,Peter

sagem-wats is this?

  • Danny Wilson

I am hoping to get this model very soon and I like all the things I have heard about it

  • becki

this best fone ever

  • Anonymous

Really great design. Congratulations, Sagem.

  • PissedReaper

This phone luks kool. It's polyphony is 64!!! Amazing..Don't mind those saying that SAGEM is shit! The brand has great phones.. like my x-6(except 4 the keyboard)..only this is gonna be betta!