Sagem MY X-5

Sagem MY X-5

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  • Alex

I love this phone. I think it s greau i usit since 03 but if some1 can tell me where can i find free games for it please let me know

  • Do Ha

Good fone. Well done Sagem

  • Espee D. Flores

Very easy to use. Here in our country (Phils.) no model like this. May I ask where I can buy the accesories like key pad, housing and especially the battery here in our country. Is this is a dual band or a tri band. Thanks and more power.

  • chime

d worst fone i have eva used irda doesnt work and its 2 big

  • Faustas

Nice design, but green diods for buttons are nots so beautiful :) Works fine and has survived a lot of crashes on the ground. Menu navigation and tipping sms delays a bit.

  • Dolapo Akinola

Please this myx 5 doesn't have a distinct difference between missed,received and dialed calls,how do I get to view the three diffently,please kindly give me a reply

  • samuel mwangi

Thanks alotfor the improvements in sagem. would like you to please download for me ringingtones.

  • grace

i love it. itz easy to use, has great internet, ringtoes, etc. Would like to know where to buy more covers for it though and whats the difference between Myx-5 and Myx-5m?

  • monkjey

what is the diference between the MY X 5 and MY X 5-d ????????

  • ashana tokunboi

it"s nice using your product sagam,i will like to ask for some st number is 08036116124,and my set imeisv;03 is 35305500043331-5 and i will really be glad to receive from you. thank

  • bro

To switch off, I hold down red button for few secs, but comes on with slight touch of green. Not good, as comes on in pocket, cabin bag etc. Any suggest'n

  • Gilles

How is it possible to instal an received MMS as a wallpaper ? Is it only possible to chek my pictures or can I use it as a wallpaper??? THANX !

  • BEN

i have got a sagem my x5 and i think they r really good but i dont no how to use my buuilt in hands free ?

  • eyda

sagem i thing my phone no 1 because screen colour all the best for anything phone

  • AdY

i want to sold and i want to buy a sony sericsson z200 what do you thing about this

  • samuel

wats d size of memory

  • oluwaseun oguntoyinb

please how can i downloud ringtone to my set, and, and if i want to send ringtone to my friend that is using another brand of set

  • Jd3RuL

To Junior Usenekong ,
There is not a difference , MIX-5 and Mix-5m are the same , if you want to download melodies visit a site with low prices or search on wap.
To Tosin Junior,
I know, I had an Infrared port but it didn't work so i sold it . The IRDA PORT is not so good as other , bcause SAGEM didn't upgrade this IrDA port , it's not compatible with this new Ports that u connect at computer . You can receive on your phone images ( little images made with paint ) , you can't receive games or sounds , and you can't send from your phone to computer sounds or images.

  • Jd3RuL

To Waseem ,
If you want to use your Handsfree , when you call somebody or when you are called, press the 2 times the Answer button ( it's the green button ) .

  • Junior Usenekong

what is the difference btw sagem my x 5 and sagem my x 5 m. And how can i download games to my phone.