Sagem MY X-6

Sagem MY X-6

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  • dave ley

Brilliant phone best i`ve ever had, trouble is though, i`ve cracked my case and can`t get another one anywhere, any ideas or suggestions. thanks. dave

  • Babi

It looks big and heavy for a gsm phone. I didnīt like it!

  • Doris Morgan

Would like details of how to use data cable to download pictures I have taken from the phone onto PC

  • craig

get the phone on the orange web-site its cheep

  • shabi

I like da image of sagem phone, but it's big!!!

  • ratemo

the phone has a nice design

  • Anonymous


  • Soulfly

This looks nasty. Very plasticy and cheap looking. The only saving grace is the built in camera. Not a phone that customers enquire about and i can only assume that this is aimed at PAYG or kids.

  • m

this is true

  • Sarah

it's great

  • Anonymous

so what!

  • Tian Siang Lau

Imobile by Samart selling for 10,000

T610 is approximately 14,000

  • a h

why not come to england,everyone else seems to

  • quinty

Is it availbale in South Africa. The local network that carries Sagem phones

  • d baily

you can take 200000000000000000000000000
if you really want

  • santad

how many pictures,that i can take


i accidently stumbled upon LCD test...but i cant remember what buttons i pressed,,,could you please there were other options i was keen to look up


john rossi

  • b smart

get a tiger next time

  • katrina

please can you help? I need instructions for my sagem x-6. I did have them but my wonderful great dane decided they was his lunch.Thanx Katrina.

  • debo

i need dis phone.