Sagem MY X-7

Sagem MY X-7

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  • Vico 005
  • PbH
  • 21 Feb 2018

That is my first cellphone.I remeber it, how it is yesterday. Please, I want to by it. Maybe, If you have that cellphone, call me to buy it.

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    • AnonD-692573
    • 7tj
    • 17 Aug 2017

    Anonymous, 25 Jan 2004Where is bluetooth?? Sagem - no coment:)It doesn't have blu tooth mate

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      • AnonD-638020
      • rxi
      • 25 Jan 2017

      I am using Segum MY X-7 phone , my charger is having problem , i want to buy in india , can any one suggest me where can i buy and is all segum charger is compatible with my phone .

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        • whiteflower_22
        • sr$
        • 05 Aug 2016

        oh, I still remember the time when I got this phone in middle school, back in 2005/6.
        it was amazing, I loved it more than anything else :D
        but also, I remember some kids (even some adults) laughing about it, because it had a huge display (comparing it to other phones back thn). they said it's stupid, "who needs that big display?" they asked
        It's silly how everything changed after just 10 years, now we all running away from phones with tiny displays and choosing the biggest ones on market.
        still missing the good old days when a VGA camera was the best thing you cud have n your phone :D

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          • pleased
          • wfB
          • 23 Aug 2014

          i bought this phone new it was and still is mr reliable couldnt kill it i even accidently put it through the washing macjine with clothes a battery change and a blow out with lips it works fine again what can i say just goes and goes cant kill it

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            • ehsan
            • gCD
            • 26 Oct 2012

            mamykely, 18 May 2012I wanna transfert the pictures that i ve taken via IrDA but... moreyou should set the transfer rate in Device Manager-> Infrared -> Properties... in your computer.
            I think it was 9600 or 11400, some thing like this ;)

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              • mamykely
              • fmR
              • 18 May 2012

              I wanna transfert the pictures that i ve taken via IrDA but it always failed

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                • AnonD-52826
                • fqm
                • 01 May 2012

                I have a new phone and i want give the Sagem MY X7 to my wife. I inserted her sim card into the the Sagem and the phone is asking for the; PHONE CODE. i have put in the phone numbers, my number and her number, without success. can anyone help me please!

                  • k
                  • kittybaba
                  • p7K
                  • 21 Mar 2012

                  I need to transfer my photos on my computer Toshiba Satellite A-300, how can I do this?

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                    • AnonD-44133
                    • j2T
                    • 28 Feb 2012

                    I need the ac/dc adaptor, the box has this numbers:
                    188521531 - 1885215400855 where i can find it? thanks for your help. B-)

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                      • Bill Tedman
                      • mE0
                      • 18 Sep 2011

                      I have had this phone for around three months now; I am struggling to find the Android market? Can someone please tell me how I access this?
                      Much Thanks

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                        • Jharkhand
                        • ftV
                        • 07 Aug 2011

                        I found the best sites to download games for sagem,nokia all phones

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                          • Akon
                          • ftV
                          • 27 Jun 2011


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                            • leors of phi
                            • vpc
                            • 14 Dec 2010

                            where i can find a battery,but i have an original,where i can find also the charger?

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                              • Anonymous
                              • N9@
                              • 06 Oct 2010

                              am in Zambia and i cant find the covers,pliz help me.

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                                • olayinka
                                • mEa
                                • 25 Aug 2010

                                does it has a usb cable and why does it reject some games and pls text me sagem games website to download

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                                  • Sid
                                  • fpu
                                  • 19 May 2010

                                  Anonymous, 24 Feb 2010where can i get a new charger and are you going to manufact... moreI have one of those MyX7 at home my problem is the battey that I can't find anywhere, but I still have the original charger and even the data cable.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • mxj
                                    • 24 Feb 2010

                                    gen, 22 Jan 2008i got this phone from my father as a graduation gift. its c... morewhere can i get a new charger and are you going to manufacture more of these wonderful phones

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                                      • RAHUL
                                      • PGj
                                      • 02 Jul 2009

                                      karan singh, 15 Apr 2009ders friend, my sagem my x 7 cell phone's lcd ... moreEven my phone's screen got broken i couldn't get in chandigarh

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                                        • JAN
                                        • LxK
                                        • 04 Jun 2009

                                        i need some help with data cable can i use x6 cable and software