Sagem MY X-8

Sagem MY X-8

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  • AnonD-151911

verry nice phone on 5 years ago

  • matin

very good phone very good spekar

  • Brendan

samantha, 07 Jun 2008is it simlock free?mine it is, maybe others are too. and is a GREAT phone even now.

  • Anonymous

Best cell phone I've ever had. worked 3 years for me.

  • Anonymous

7 years ago i hoped to have this fantastic phone
really it was the best
now i have i 8910 which i love so much
may be after 7 years it would be just like sagem x8
life is really short

  • B-R


Please let us know that is there any software for sagem MY X-8 for change it laguage for persian or Arabic?
Thanks in advance for your advises.

Best regards,
Bahram Rashidi

  • eu

Davidoff, 27 Dec 2009I want to buy this phone. new. I will pay 300 euros for it. I wa... morei have one for sale.....

  • Joe Singh

I am from Singapore....where can I send my phone Sagem model MY X-8 for repair & service. Both the charger and the charger point is not working and unable to charge the phone. Please advise me where can I send it for repair. I need to use the phone. Thank you
Joe Singh

  • chris

I bought sagem my x-8 year 2006 and wants to change the casing but cannot see to buy, why?

  • chauhan kalpesh

in gujrat(india) required bettaries and other parts of this mobile

  • rasaq

i have been using this phone is almost 3years this is not browsing please send me the configuration settigs or you tell me the reason why is nbot browsing

  • Akin

I have been using this phone for about 3 years now,It was in the specification that it has video but I can only snap picture, no video icon and I can not video why ?.

  • Davidoff

I want to buy this phone. new. I will pay 300 euros for it. I want it !

  • isaac

pls send me the manual configuration for browsing..

  • Vir

1. slow interface
2. slow processor
very many "-"

  • Anonymous

only good features :
Very Good Screen & Color display.
Good Camera 1.3mp (better of that category)

  • viki


  • Anonymous

looks as good phone for it's time

  • Josh

june, 19 May 2009very good, really.... is trueHas your handset got a bluetooth. Cos mine hasn't.

  • june

very good, really.... is true