Sagem MY Z-3

Sagem MY Z-3

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  • umoh, edima anietie

sagem my z3, is a very nice and compactible phone. its contain all necessary requirement that a phone shuld have. i love the phone very much.

  • aunty num 1

i have thz but the intrstng thing is i dont know to operate.. ahhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..........

  • Ramon

hi i just got my first sagem handset which i found very reliable but am sry to say i dislike it 4 some reseasons,ie though it does not have cam but i xpect it to be able to place persannal pics as a wallpaper e.g my pic nad also it does not send item to other set. am not 2 happy with the functions.

  • Kelvin

I bought it barely 2 months later it developed a fault. when I took it for repair I was told it's software problem.
can anyone tell me where to get sagem Z-3 software. I need your help.

  • christian

Hey I just bought my z-3 and i like it so much its cheap and lovely but it has one problem that is bothering me and it is the irda, it does not send out but it receives and also the parts are not in my country. but i like the phoone so much and will advice people to go for it if they like it. but am just bothered about the irda and wap service pls kindly help me in solving this problem. thanks

  • awosanmi ola

Infact the phone is like a bunch of disappoinment i never new it can`t last long more 4months why? I am a little down now since when d phone was malfunctioning. It cant charge,on, why? pls tell me what to do about it tanks

  • phemy kappo

the phone is nice and attractive but has a lot of problems like the irda,the dispaly is also bad i.e the flex of which the parts is not in my i need a solution fast.pls help me cos am phoneless

  • onosp

i have a problem with my phone it keeps trping on and off, i dont know what to do with it, i cant use it to make go or recive calls, i ask some guys to fix it but i said that this is no softwere to do it. pls: help me out.

  • fil

When you want to delete the calls made, the phone writes "Delete this REPEAT" instead report.Dont know if the fault is from my phone.

  • rilwan lawal

the phone is nice but the problems is that the irda does work fluenly

  • Precious S.

This phone is really a great phone. Well desined and very sexy. But It needs a Camera to make it better and also the IRGB port should be made clearer and wham it is on.


  • joshua

it's ok. The soundsand the colour but the irda should have made to send.I think all old z-3's should be exchanged for new ones that can both send and receive irda. also a camera would make the phone more interesting

  • funke

yes the phone is a good phone but i can't use it to download games pls any reason and also it is not included on planet sagem. pls i also have difficulty surfing the web with it.why cant i download videos on it and also send out using my irda.


My Z-3 is a very nice and lovely phone. Well structured and designed.Good price for it too. This phone as I may suggest requires a camera to make it more interesting. Also, the properties and functions of the IRDA need to be made clear, explicit and functionable. Thanks

  • nwora

my z3 is a wonderful slide phone but its problem is with the infrared port since it cant send anything (sounds and pictures) but can only recieve. i think it should be modified to send things
a camera should made for it

  • Olu

Hey Sagem MY Z-3 is nice phone no doubt about that, but all sliding phones usually have the same problem of flexy, when it cuts off that's the end. Don't be decieved.

  • Tobi Odebo

it's a nice and desirable fone BUT what is the point of having a colour screen when there isn't even a camera with it. This fone should be better than MY X-5, so get it a camera

  • Kelvin

I love the phone. but I happen to pick the last one in the store and I lost the battery.
please, can I use another sagem battery with same specification Li-ion 780 mAh.
Please help me, I'm condfused.

  • ken

it's cool though but there wasn't a CD attached inside the case.pls how can i send tones from my phone to ather phone via infrared?

  • vincent Uk

this is a nice phone for its price. if you want something fashionable but cheap, Z3 is the screen most.